Countermotions and Election Proposals

After calling our Annual General Meeting we received the following counter-motion/election proposal regarding the Agenda Item 6 (New election of members of the Supervisory Board), which we are announcing as legally stipulated. The counter-motion/election proposal is designated with a letter to facilitate the proxy voting and voting instructions. If you would like to support the counter-motion/election proposal please tick the box next to the relevant letter on the form of proxy and voting instructions which you receive together with your admission card or which you can find on the website of the company or on the online shareholder service offered by the company.
Election Proposal A of the shareholder Dr Alexander Steinhart:
I herewith would like to propose myself, Dr Alexander Steinhart, veterinarian, resident in Neusäß (Germany), for the election as member of the Supervisory Board.
A membership in another statutory supervisory board or in a comparable controlling body of a business enterprise in Germany or abroad is not given.