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    Do you have any questions about your order or about our website? Please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Care team.

  • Front Desk

    Here you can find the right contact person for all of your questions or queries, about our company, our assortment or our online shop.

    Phone: +49 (0)30 2000 88 400

    Sponsoring requests:
    Zalando is aware of social responsibility of companies and defines this as an important part of corporate activity. Surely many projects deserve to be supported. With this in mind, we focus on selected organizations and projects to encourage and support them. For this reason, we ask for your understanding that we can not perceive sponsorship and cooperation requests.

    Notifications of major holdings (Sec. 33, 38, 39 WpHG):
    Please send messages via fax to: +49 (0)30 2000889349
    To accelerate the process, we kindly ask you to send an electronic copy to

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Your contact persons

Corporate Communications

Here you will find contacts for trade and business press. If you have any questions about our company please contact the Corporate Communications department. 

Press Office:
Twitter: zalando_press

Vice President Communications

Rene Gribnitz VP Communications
René Gribnitz

Head of Media Relations

Susann Remke Head of Media Relations
Susann Remke

International Team


Barbara Debowska - Corporate Communications
Barbara Debowska
Spokesperson DACH, Poland, Czech Republic
Phone: +49 (0)162 1039645
Linda Huebner Corporate Communications
Linda Huebner
Spokesperson DACH | Financial
Phone: +49 (0)152 21817372
Zalando SE Alexander Styles - Corporate Communications
Alexander Styles
Spokesperson DACH | Financial
(Parental leave)
Zalando SE Catherine Westphal Corporate Communications
Catherine Westphal
Spokesperson DACH
Phone: +49 (0)151 28806207
Zalando SE Nadine Vazhayil Corporate Communicatons
Nadine Vazhayil
Spokesperson DACH
Phone: +49 (0)175 7692254
Zalando SE Julia Zweigle - Corporate Communications
Julia Zweigle
Spokesperson DACH
(Parental leave)


Anne Vibe Hansen - Corporate Communications
Anne Vibe Hansen
Spokesperson France, Denmark, Finland
Phone: +49 (0)172 4027160



Zalando SE Nathalie Faeltloev - Corporate Communications
Nathalie Fältlöv
Spokesperson Sweden, Norway, UK, Ireland
Phone: +49 (0)152 04359092


Zalando SE Daniel Enke - Public Affairs
Daniel Enke
Head of Public Affairs
Zalando SE Bernd Rakers - Public Affairs
Bernd Rakers
Senior Manager Public Affairs EU
Zalando SE Aurélie Caulier - Public Affairs
Aurélie Caulier
Senior Manager Public Affairs EU
Zalando SE Daria Braeuniger - Public Affairs
Darija H. Bräuniger
Senior Manager Public Affairs DE

Investor Relations

The team members of Investor Relations are happy to answer all questions related to Zalando shares and other capital market related questions. We trust you will understand that Investor Relations can only reply to these themes.


Zalando SE Patrick Kofler Investor Relations
Patrick Kofler
Head of Investor Relations
Phone: +49 (0)30 20968 1584
Nils Pöppinghaus Investor Relations
Nils Pöppinghaus
Manager Investor Relations
Dorothee Schulz Investor Relations
Dorothee Schultz
Jr. Manager Investor Relations
Zalando SE Jan Edelmann Investor Relations
Jan Edelmann
Manager Investor Relations

Fashion PR

Here you will find contacts for fashion and lifestyle press. If you have questions about our campaigns please contact our Fashion PR department.

Fashion PR:
Phone: +49 (0)30 2000 88-585
Twitter: @zalando


Zalando SE Jana Baechle - Fashion PR
Jana Baechle
PR & Influencer Marketing Lead


Zalando SE Katharina Fronius - Fashion PR
Katharina Fronius
PR & Influencer Marketing Manager


Zalando SE Helen Marsch Fashion PR
Helen Marsch
PR & Influencer Marketing Manager


Zalando SE Andrzej Maliszewski Fashion PR
Andrzej Maliszewski
PR, Influencer Marketing & Social Media Manager


Zalando SE Xiao Wei Lou Fashion PR
Xiao Wei Lou
PR, Influencer Marketing & Social Media Manager


Zalando SE Sarah van den Ertwegh - Fashion PR
Sarah van den Eertwegh
PR, Influencer Marketing & Social Media Manager


Zalando SE Stephanie Walravens Fashion PR
Stephanie Walravens
PR, Influencer Marketing & Social Media Manager


Zalando SE Maja Karlsson Fashion PR
Maja Karlsson
PR, Influencer Marketing & Social Media Manager


Zalando SE Jannike Eidsa - Fashion PR
Jannike Eidsa
PR, Influencer Marketing & Social Media Manager


Zalando SE Laura Kannela - Fashion PR
Laura Kannela
PR, Influencer Marketing & Social Media Manager


Zalando SE Ana Maria Feijoo - Fashion PR
Ana Feijoo
PR & Influencer Marketing Manager


Charlie Pates
PR, Influencer Marketing & Social Media Manager


Amanda Valle
PR, Influencer Marketing & Social Media Manager


Suzanne Reichenbach
PR, Influencer Marketing & Social Media Manager