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Interactive Video Series Delivers Fresh Insights

“Your Zalando” offers a behind the scenes look at personalizing Europe’s leading fashion platform


As Europe’s leading online fashion platform we deliver to customers in 15 countries. In our fashion store, they can find a wide range of clothing, shoes, and accessories from about 2,000 brands.


Every day we move ideas forward with one goal: boosting the development of our fashion platform. Technology plays a key role.

The Innovation Generation

Innovation in the interest of customers, partners and collaborators is the core of the Zalando culture.

Corporate Responsibility

We pursue sustainable ways to produce and consume fashion - this firm belief will guarantee the success of Zalando in the long run.

Investor Relations

We have the aim of ensuring a continuous, transparent and trustful dialogue with all capital market participants. The team members of Investor Relations are happy to answer all questions related to Zalando shares and other capital market related questions. We trust you will understand that Investor Relations can only reply to these themes.

Zalando SE Fact Sheet

Whether you’re looking for the share price, corporate profile or KPIs – an overview of all key financial topics can be found here.


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