Zalando Fulfillment Solutions 

ZFS drives Partner Program success by giving you access to Europe’s most efficient fashion fulfillment network. We take over the entire customer-facing fulfillment chain by storing your stock and offering warehousing, customer fulfillment and return solutions.

ZFS service packages can be designed per country based on your needs, and you can choose between 100% ZFS fulfillment, your own fulfillment or a combination of both. As a ZFS member, you benefit from having access to Europe’s largest, most efficient and innovative fashion-focused fulfillment network.


As of February 2020, ZFS enabled markets include Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Poland, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Luxembourg, the Czech Republic and the United Kingdom. In existing markets, ZFS partners are able to leverage:


  • Eleven operating fulfillment centers in six markets
  • Four fulfillment centers under construction
  • More than 60 Delivery and return products
  • More than 30 local carriers

How it works

  • Deliver your goods to the Zalando warehouse 

  • When a customer orders on the Zalando platform, we pick & pack your and Zalando articles into one parcel 

  • We send the parcel to the chosen European destination via our standard transportation network

Benefits for partners

Quick scaling and easy internationalization through our efficient Europe-wide logistics network

  • Profit from quicker and easier reach throughout Europe, making use of nine operating fulfillment centers in five markets

  • Lower your shipping costs with our shared parcel options

  • Increase convenience and ultimately customer satisfaction by ensuring your customers’ receive a single parcel when ordering on Zalando

Lower costs and higher profitability through logistic synergies and greater basket size

  • Shared parcel (reduces logistics redundancies)
  • More favorable carrier conditions and higher logistics efficiency
  • Greater basket size through a broader assortment

High levels of service using Zalando's proven logistics standards

  • Integration of local carriers
  • Return label inside parcel
  • Quick customer reimbursement On-site tracking
  • Delivery on target rate >97%
  • Outstanding customer satisfaction figures

Key figures

Partner Program brands signed up
local last mile and 2 express carriers in 13 markets
delivery on time

Add-on services

Within Partner Program, partners can leverage our add-on services in customer fulfillmentmarketing and offprice

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