Zalando and Homerr Join Forces to Make Returns Process for Dutch Customers More Convenient and Sustainable

  • Zalando has signed a partnership with Homerr after a successful pilot project in the Netherlands
  • Dutch Zalando customers can now choose to return their parcels via more than 1,500 Homerr service points
  • The collaboration aims to reduce travel distance to drop-off points for returns and contributes to Zalando’s sustainability strategy, do.MORE


BERLIN, JULY 21, 2021 // Zalando, Europe's leading platform for fashion and lifestyle, partners with the sustainable Dutch logistics network Homerr, making returns even more convenient for its customers in the Netherlands. Homerr is the largest independent social logistics network in the country, enabling private individuals to operate as pick up and drop-off points and collect packages for the whole neighborhood. The new partnership with Zalando follows a successful pilot with 500 social drop-off points and has now been extended to 1,500 nationwide Homerr points. The collaboration with Homerr reduces travel distance to drop-off points for Dutch customers and contributes to reducing CO2 emissions from return shipments.

The Homerr network offers a more sustainable service as it works with strategically placed parcel points, either at personal addresses or with small, local businesses. By doing so, Zalando returns will be collected and transported over existing Homerr routes in the market. The partnership contributes to Zalando’s sustainability strategy, do.MORE.


"Our ambition is to make the return process as convenient and sustainable as possible. We are constantly looking into actions to further reduce our impact on the climate, for example, through more efficient logistics and packaging," says Masood Choudhry, VP Logistics at Zalando. “In 2020, we set science-based-targets in line with the Paris Agreement to limit global warming to 1.5°C. We are also sourcing 100% renewable electricity in our own operations, leading to a 64% decrease of emissions in our own operations since 2017. Our business operations, including delivery and returns, have been carbon-neutral since October 2019 through carbon offsetting,”

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Dutch customers benefit from the more convenient returns process and closer proximity to service points - the decisive advantages of the service, as customers surveyed by Homerr during the pilot project clearly stated. The service points are typically located in the customer’s neighborhood, for example, at small shops or private addresses. Up to 600 Homerr points are operated by private individuals, earning an additional income for serving their community and offering opening hours from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. Zalando customers can use the supplied return label in the box to return their package via one of more than 1,500 Homerr service and social points in the Netherlands.

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“After a successful pilot project with Zalando we are happy to extend the collaboration. We have received many positive reactions from our customers, especially about the convenience of our return option (location and opening hours) and because they prefer to return their package in a more sustainable way. During the pandemic, we have clearly seen that an increased number of customers want to make more sustainable choices, leading to a 33% growth of our private points in recent months.” says Juriaan Matthijssen, Co-Founder and Managing Director of Homerr.


Free shipping and returns have been an integral part of Zalando’s service promise to customers since day one. Zalando is continuously exploring new opportunities and investing in its delivery and returns services by building up strong networks with local partners like Homerr.

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Homerr is a sustainable carrier that operates in the Netherlands and Flanders. By using existing routes and solely making use of parcel points it can save up to 79% CO2 emissions per parcel. Together with local shops and neighbours, they make sending and returning online purchases easier, more sustainable and contribute to social cohesion at the same time. Last year alone they were able to save up to 621 tonnes of CO2 emissions - the equivalent of 31.000 trees a year. By involving neighbourhoods and reducing the CO2 emissions rather than compensating them, the carrier aims to make e-commerce greener and more social.


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