zDirect: Zalando’s Partner Program portal

As a Zalando partner, you’re in the driver’s seat and decide how to grow and steer your business on Zalando. zDirect is the portal that makes this possible — it is where you can monitor your performance, manage your sales, and get up-to-date reporting whenever you want. 

The zDirect portal provides partners with data and tooling to better steer their business, improve commercial decision-making, and identify growth opportunities on Zalando. Launched in 2020, zDirect is open to all partners who are part of the Zalando Partner Program. 


More than 700 partners representing more than 3000 brands are now using zDirect to manage their business on Zalando and connect with our 45 million active customers. zDirect supports partners across the following key dimensions:


  • Article creation: After partners integrate their stock with the Zalando platform using the integration method of their choice, they can use zDirect to smoothly onboard new articles in a simplified manner.
  • Performance overview: zDirect provides comprehensive data to help partners understand how they are performing on Zalando. Partners can view their aggregated sales, and deep dive into the sales per market, category or article. zDirect also enables partners to track how customers interact with their products across the sales funnel. 
  • Insights: zDirect provides actionable, data-driven insights that create business value for partners. These insights include peer benchmarks that help partners identify potential areas that need improvement (such as return rates), as well as growth opportunities across the entire partner journey, for example net merchandise value (NMV) potential in new markets. 
  • Platform services: zDirect provides easy access to Zalando’s various platform services. Partners using Zalando Fulfillment Solutions (ZFS) can check stock availability on zDirect to replenish effectively. Zalando Marketing Services (ZMS) tooling is currently being rolled out to all partners to make it easier for them to launch marketing campaigns with only a couple of clicks directly on zDirect.