Inside Fashion Marketing: Zalando Marketing Services launches a podcast

Zalando Marketing Services’ (ZMS) newly launched podcast -  Inside Fashion Marketing - aims to help you reach your fashion marketing goals and beyond.

With the fashion industry in constant flux and digitizing rapidly, catching the attention of customers is an undoubtedly tricky yet fascinating topic! Andreas Antrup - SVP Advertising Zalando and MD Zalando Marketing Services - speaks to some of our brand partners about their innovative campaigns, identifying the data and insights you need to find out what makes your target audience tick, across various markets. 

In bi-weekly episodes of no more than 20 minutes, Inside Fashion Marketing gives you the tools and insights you need to build your brand, grow your business, and connect to customers.



“This podcast is designed to support brands and retailers in reaching their marketing goals through actionable recommendations and data-based know-how. With so much incredible knowledge hidden in the brilliant minds of our brand partners and internal subject-matter experts, we thought it was about time we sat down with them and shared their insights with you!

Andreas Antrup, Senior Vice President Advertising of Zalando and Managing Director of Zalando Marketing Services

Where can I listen in?

The podcast is available right now, on all podcast hosting platforms! Follow the link below to catch the first episode, featuring The North Face’s Marketing Director Sebastian Reinhard, discussing the latest The North Face Renewed by RÆBURN campaign.

by Zalando Marketing Services

What's in store?

You can look forward to episodes covering an array of topics from how you can craft campaigns around sustainability with The North Face, to how brands are re-thinking online customer connection in a world increasingly impacted by Coronavirus, as well as expert insights into influencer marketing and Cyber Week. 

Do you have any hot topics you’d love for us to cover? Then let us know! We love hearing from you, reach out to us anytime: