Our Employee Resource Groups

The communities supporting and amplifying employee voices at Zalando

Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) are voluntary groups of employees organized and generally formed on the basis of shared identity or experience. 

ERGs create safe spaces where colleagues come together, foster awareness and support, and amplify employee voices to inform leadership about the needs of their communities. They enhance the workplace experience and foster a diverse and inclusive environment. We currently have eleven ERGs with more to come. 


Eleven different symbols of the employee resources groups and their names: Ability & Neuro Diversity Group, Asia Pacific Community Circle, Black Employee Connection, Diversity Guild, LGBTQI+, Mental Wellbeing Community, Muslim Community Network, Women in Finance, Women in Tech, Women's Network and Zalando Parents Group.

The ERG program is one of many measures Zalando is taking to ensure a more respectful and inclusive company culture. Our employees are initiators of community projects and act as advisors, influencers and sounding board on many projects around diversity, equity and inclusion within the company. 

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