Zalando To Reward Employees With Bonus

The decision is in recognition of exceptional work and resilience during this challenging year

Since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, Zalando has made great effort to adjust to the “new normal”: our strict preventative measures aim to keep all our employees safe. We have adapted our business in ways that enable as many employees as possible to work from home. Due to the nature of our business, the option of remote work does not exist for all of employees; in logistics centers, production studios and some parts of the company’s offices, employees still come to work every day. Nevertheless, we all pulled through together; found solutions, wins and new ways forward where we could. 

The pandemic has affected every part of our lives, professional and personal. Although we continue to learn from the experience, persevere and adjust, it is a situation with no clear finish line. More uncertainty follows, and that’s hard. 

Robert Gentz, Co-CEO, says: “The success of Zalando rests entirely on our teams who have shown exceptional performance during an unprecedented time. To recognize this exceptional commitment and contribution, we decided to grant all 14,000 employees a one-time bonus of 500 euros.”

We will continue to invest into our employees’ safety and welfare, and monitor the situation as it develops.