Zalando and Copenhagen Fashion Week shortlist Fassbender, ISO.POETISM BY TOBIAS BIRK NIELSEN and Tomorrow Denim for Sustainability Award

Three portraits: Tobias Birk Nilsen, Christina Fassbender, Henriette Pieszak
  • Fassbender, ISO.POETISM BY TOBIAS BIRK NIELSEN and Tomorrow Denim announced as finalists for this season’s Zalando Sustainability Award at Copenhagen Fashion Week, taking place 01 - 04 February 2022
  • The award encourages fashion brands to explore sustainable alternatives for designs and recognizes strategies that contribute to a more sustainable industry
  • The finalists will be added to the official show schedule of Copenhagen Fashion Week

BERLIN, DECEMBER 7, 2021 // Zalando, Europe’s leading online fashion and lifestyle platform, and Copenhagen Fashion Week have announced Fassbender, ISO.POETISM BY TOBIAS BIRK NIELSEN and Tomorrow Denim as the finalists for this season’s Zalando Sustainability Award at Copenhagen Fashion Week, which will take place from the 1st to the 4th of February 2022. This is the third season of a three-year strategic partnership between Zalando and Copenhagen Fashion Week, with the award at its core. The award, which is open to international applicants, aims to encourage fashion brands to explore sustainable alternatives and recognize strategies that contribute to a more sustainable industry.


The finalists were selected by an experienced, international jury of thought leaders consisting of the CEO of Copenhagen Fashion Week, Cecilie Thorsmark; Sustainability Editor of Vogue GB, Emily Chan; model, environmental activist and sustainability consultant Arizona Muse; and sustainability and brand advisor Dio Kurazawa. Representing Zalando on the jury are Director of Sustainability at Zalando, Kate Heiny and Vice President Category Women, Sara Diez. The jury members closely reviewed the applicants’ fundamental approach to sustainability and focused specifically on their use of certified materials, production processes, innovation, transparency and ability to apply a more sustainable approach to fashion.


The jury was impressed by Fassbender’s use of a large variety of more sustainable materials as well as innovative production processes, such as 3D printing and microbial dyeing, the ability of ISO.POETISM BY TOBIAS BIRK NIELSEN to inspire and empower customers, as well as the focus on recycled materials and innovative dyeing techniques, as well as Tomorrow Denim’s holistic approach from the use of organic and recycled materials to waste management.


Director of Sustainability at Zalando, Kate Heiny says, “It is so encouraging and exciting to have received so many applications for this year’s Zalando Sustainability Award and we are proud to be continuing our strategic partnership with Copenhagen Fashion Week. The popularity of the award creates an opportunity for further work together with brands to drive change with a positive impact on the people and planet. As a platform we want to use our influence to grow more sustainable choices for our customers and are happy to see that many brands want to partner with us in this mission.”


The three finalists will receive funding for production costs and debut their designs in the Zalando Greenhouse; which will showcase the latest in sustainable fashion both on and offline. They will compete to win Zalando’s Sustainability Award, a prize of 20,000 euros as well as a partnership with Zalando in developing an exclusive capsule collection, which leverages sustainable advancements and innovation.


Jury member Cecilie Thorsmark, CEO, Copenhagen Fashion Week, following the shortlist announcement: “I’m happy to be working with Zalando for another year at Copenhagen Fashion Week as part of the judging panel on this year’s Zalando Sustainability Award. It’s been exciting to review so many fresh ideas from brands that strive towards more responsible business practices. The jury shortlisted these talented designers as we think they have what it takes to provide consumers and the industry with accessible and innovative fashion.”


The jury will do a second review of the finalists and the collections they are showcasing during Copenhagen Fashion Week to select the winner of the award. The winner will be announced on the 3rd of February.


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Jury members


Cecilie Thorsmark - CEO of Copenhagen Fashion Week
Kate Heiny - Director of Sustainability at Zalando
Sara Diez - VP Category Women
Arizona Muse - Model, Environmental Activist and Sustainability Consultant
Dio Kurazawa - Sustainability and Brand Advisor
Emily Chan - Sustainability Editor, VOGUE GB


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