Catch Up With Zalando’s Webinar on Closing the Attitude-Behavior Gap in Sustainable Fashion

We look back at the “It Takes Two” launch event where industry experts came together to discuss how we can make and encourage more sustainable choices

April 20, Zalando launched its report, “It Takes Two: How the Industry and Consumers Can Close the Sustainability ‘Attitude-Behavior Gap’ in Fashion.” The report includes clear and actionable recommendations and best practices for the industry: Communicate Clearly, Motivate Changes in Behavior and Scale Circularity. Guided by the principle that collaboration between the industry and consumers is the only way forward, we hope to inspire collaborative action and long-lasting change.

To kick off the report launch, we wanted to bring people together with a webinar on how to enable the fashion industry and consumers to collaboratively make more sustainable choices.

The webinar was introduced by Zalando co-CEO, David Schneider, and was followed by sessions from Kate Heiny, Director Sustainability, who expanded on the report, and Julien Slijan, Director Sustainability Digital Experience, who presented Zalando’s new customer experience for more sustainable fashion.

Below: Watch the webinar intro including David’s keynote and the sessions from Kate and Julien (English only)

The webinar finished with a panel discussion on the report’s recommendations and implementation hosted by sustainability journalist, author and presenter, Clare Press. The panelists were Morten Lehmann, Chief Sustainability Officer at Global Fashion Agenda; Jodi Everding, Fabric & Sustainability Manager at Filippa K; Isabel Obichere, student at London College of Fashion and our very own Kate Heiny. Together, they took a deeper dive into the challenges for the consumers and the industry and closed the panel with a Q&A session.


Below: Watch the panel discussion (English only).