Jannan, 31, from Berlin

Take small steps.
Wear second-hand and embrace repair.

Jannan, born and raised in Berlin, works as a Field Sales Manager for Europe’s largest hair and beauty bookings platform. He’s also a part-time Ayurvedic practitioner.

Through speaking to salon owners and pitching services to them, Jannan is aware of the current trends and challenges in the beauty industry and sees firsthand that the demand for sustainable products and services is rising. When it comes to fashion, he is equally aware of the impact that his choices have on our planet. It’s important to him to take small steps in the direction of becoming a more conscious consumer every day. We met Jannan in Berlin to find out what sustainable fashion means to him.



Jannan, how would you describe your style?

I’d say it’s classic with a street style influence and some Indian and Sri Lankan accents. My parents are from Sri Lanka. I love mixing and matching their old clothes with new pieces in my wardrobe. Brands that I like are COS, Uniqlo, Carhartt, Nike, adidas, Scotch & Soda, and Levi’s.



Do you care about sustainable fashion?

Yes! I try to buy in a way that has a positive impact, which often means not buying anything at all. I stopped shopping for trends and rather go for styles that are timeless and colours that combine well.


And I take good care of items I already own. I regularly go to a local tailor to fix pieces that have holes in them. I’m a huge advocate of knowing your surroundings and taking action on sustainability within your community.