Isabel, 20, from London

Make conscious choices.
Invest in higher quality items you can love for longer.

Isabel lives in London, where she studies Bespoke Tailoring at the London College of Fashion. Being a creative at heart, she loves to paint abstract art and play musical instruments like the Cello in her spare time. It’s important to Isabel to develop her own style by letting her personality shine through rather than following trends.



Isabel, how often do you think about sustainability when buying clothes?

I think about it all the time. I know how conscious consumption can positively impact the planet, so I try to buy less and choose higher quality wherever possible.


Did your studies turn you into a more conscious consumer?

My studies have completely changed the way I look at fashion. I found the sustainable fashion module that I took particularly inspiring. It taught me how to design with the whole supply chain in mind, including circular design principles and biodegradable fabrics.


Has the pandemic affected your shopping behavior?

Before the lockdown, I loved going on “shop research” around London. I now have to seek out inspiration online on platforms like Instagram. But the lockdown has some upsides, too. It actually made it easier for me to save up money for high-quality designer items because I am not spending money on going out.