Our Private Label Suppliers

Transparency as a driver for change

We believe that greater transparency is an important way to drive change, enabling companies and consumers to turn information into informed choices and in turn creating a better fashion industry for all. Therefore, we progressively disclose our list of suppliers and their factories. Due to the size and variety of our product range, Zalando Private Labels does not own any of the factories in our supply chain. Instead we collaborate with sourcing partners and agents with years of technical expertise in their respective areas.
Below we have disclosed 100% of our active Tier 1 suppliers. Within the supply chain of our Private Labels, Tier 1 suppliers are those involved in the final manufacturing stage of the product and its packaging for shipping. We have also disclosed the core final material manufacturers for our shoes. We are committed to increasing transparency and disclosing deeper levels of our supply chain on an ongoing basis.

You can also find our suppliers on the Open Apparel Registry, an open source tool that maps garment facilities worldwide and allocates a unique ID to each facility. 

[Data as of June 2021]

Zalando's Private Labels suppliers [data as of June 2021]

Private Label Supplier Map

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