ZIGN Does More: New Assortment Fully Dedicated to Sustainability

The SS2020 collection of Zalando’s private label features only items made with more sustainable materials

In October 2019, Zalando said “less bad isn’t good enough” with our new do.MORE sustainability strategy. The strategy, which launched together with a commitment to generate 20 percent of our GMV with more sustainable products by 2023, was structured around three pillars: Take a Stand, Style With Care and Shape Our Future. The ‘Style With Care’ pillar aims to help customers make more sustainable choices. Supporting this is the launch of Zalando’s ZIGN spring/summer 2020 collection that is fully dedicated to sustainability. Customers now have a broader sustainable assortment to choose from and will also benefit from clearer signposting with an improved tagging system known as the ‘sustainability flag.’

Zalando SE do.MORE Strategy
We are guided by three core focus areas to achieve our vision.

From now, all new products of Zalando’s private label ZIGN either contain 50 percent more sustainable materials, or at least 20 percent recycled content. Furthermore, all ZIGN products in the 2020 collection are manufactured in the top 50 percent of our supply base when it comes to social performance. We also require these factories to submit environmental data to the Higg Index to help track and improve areas such as greenhouse gas emissions, water use and waste.

Sara Diez, VP Category Women, Zalando: “We are very excited to launch ZIGN’s first ever collection that is fully committed to sustainability and with this extend our more sustainable assortment by over 800 new pieces. ZIGN is our own sustainable flagship label and further supports Zalando’s do.MORE strategy, focusing on quality and durability while fulfilling our sustainability criteria. With this commitment, we support our customers in making more sustainable choices while acting as a role model for other brands on our platform.”

Zalando SE Sara Diez Vice President Womenswear
Sara Diez, Vice President Womenswear at Zalando.

To demonstrate Zalando’s commitment to our customers’ social and environmental values, the collection meets Zalando’s robust sustainability criteria, which have been aligned with industry standards, third-party certifications and best practices, and cover social, environmental and animal welfare standards. Extended from shoes and accessories to also include apparel with the launch of Zalando’s sustainability strategy last fall, the collection makes use of less harmful materials, such as recycled plastic in shoes or cotton sourced through the Better Cotton Initiative in clothing.

As Europe’s leading online platform for fashion and lifestyle, Zalando is fully committed to helping our over 29 million active customers make choices that feel good. With our broadened sustainable assortment and our constantly evolving technological solutions to improve the navigation and visibility of sustainable fashion, Zalando aims to maintain its position as a credible and committed player in the sustainable fashion industry.

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