Build your customer followership on Zalando with Brand Homes

Zalando’s newly launched Brand Homes aim to put our partners in the driver’s seat in managing their brand representation and building brand equity on the platform. Featuring an innovative design and functionality, available on both desktop and on the app (iOS and Android), Brand Homes will be replacing Brand Shops to give you a space to tell your brand story and build a strong followership amongst our +34M customers across Europe. 

How it works

Brands can present collections and stories in an authentic and inspirational way. This could be a collection or a specific fashion category like sneakers, as well as specific campaigns or themes from exclusive product drops to sustainability. 

The collections you curate on your Brand Home will be visible throughout the customer experience, across the Zalando platform. Instead of being isolated from general Zalando traffic (as was the case with Brand Shops), the collections will be dispersed across the website going forward. 

Customers can now also tailor their experience by following their favorite brands and getting updates when there are new collections.

How to use Brand Homes to your advantage

  • Increasing brand visibility: Invest in inspirational, high-quality content that resonates with customers as this will increase your chance of building more followers, similar to what drives social media engagement. This is a great opportunity especially for smaller, less well-known brands to get significant organic visibility. To boost visibility at scale, brands can also connect Brand Homes to marketing services via ZMS


  • Deepening customer insights: Take advantage of Brand Homes’ self-service Content Management System, which enables you to generate new insights and monitor the performance of your collections across different countries, and product groups on Zalando. 

What's next?

We are in the process of supporting all partners to make the transition from the old Brand Shops to Brand Homes by the end of 2020. Should you have any questions in the meantime, please reach out to your dedicated contacts at Zalando.

Here’s what some of our brand partners are saying about the new Brand Homes

Pepe Jeans

Lucía Gallardo | Digital Content Team 


“The Brand Homes innovation on Zalando is a milestone, giving more relevance to our brand content, enriching our brand profile in the multi-brand environment, and engaging customers across our brand stories. This is possible thanks to the improvement of the platform, there's a big UX boost behind this new tool, provided to us as partners and for an amazing user experience!"


Arne Rehbach | Key-Account-Manager E-Commerce 


“The new Brand Homes are an excellent feature to provide a holistic brand experience to our consumers. Through the implementation of our tailored content, we are able to create an authentic and individual brand destination within the customer journey that inspires and engages.”

The North Face

Andrea Turati | Wholesale Digital Marketing Manager EMEA


 “Zalando’s Brand Homes give our latest collections the visibility they deserve, making the consumer journey more relevant, and helping us share our very best brand content enabling growth of our followership on the Zalando platform.”


Luise Teerling | Trade Marketing Manager DACH


“As a partner and official seller of our brand on Zalando, our aim is giving consumers the possibility to enter the UGG brand world, deliver our brand marketing messages and interact with our (potential) customers, which, with the launch of Brand Homes, has become easier with even more potential to play with your creativity than ever before.”

Calvin Klein

Georgina Bourke | Head Of Brand Activation E-Commerce


“With the new brand home in place we’re excited about the new opportunities in terms of brand communication: Reaching a targeted audience and strengthening our presence within the world of Zalando. We can’t wait to see how the new set up boosts our followership and ultimately the level of brand engagement.”


Nadine Puka | Senior Manager Trade Marketing 


“Next to our own PUMA online shop, Brand Homes provide an excellent opportunity to connect with our consumer at a one-stop shopping location for shoes, fashion and sports. We can engage with our different followers and spark inspiration with curated content. The new format enables us to tell our stories with a high level of authenticity. We have already managed to build a strong presence and visibility on Zalando. Now, Brand Homes will elevate our game to the next level.”