Adjusted terms to ease financial distress and reconnect brands with customers online as brick-and-mortar stores face challenges

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Zalando adjusts to “new normal” with strict preventative measures to keep all employees safe while staying open for business

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Zalando home to Europe’s biggest Millennial and GenZ consumer base with group predicted to make 55 percent of all luxury purchases by 2025

Straightforward selling process and excellent convenience proposition set to refashion the pre-owned experience

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Hoi! Read: @RetailTrends_NL's publication shares seven questions about Zalando's support for physical fashion stores 🇳🇱🤝…

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Annual Report 2019

Whether you’re looking for annual or interim reports, you can download our financial publications here.

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Zalando Wins 4.6 Million More Active Customers in 2019

145 million orders, more than 4 billion site visits and 4.6 million additional active customers: Zalando has significantly grown its business in 2019.

"Goodbye Stereotypes. Hello Zerotypes"

In its latest campaign, Zalando waves goodbye to outdated stereotypes


As Europe’s leading online fashion platform we deliver to customers in 17 countries. In our fashion store, they can find a wide range of clothing, shoes, and accessories from more than 2,500 brands.


Every day we move ideas forward with one goal: boosting the development of our fashion platform. Technology plays a key role.

The Innovation Generation

Innovation in the interest of customers, partners and collaborators is the core of the Zalando culture.

Corporate Responsibility

We pursue sustainable ways to produce and consume fashion - this firm belief will guarantee the success of Zalando in the long run.

Investor Relations

We have the aim of ensuring a continuous, transparent and trustful dialogue with all capital market participants.


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