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Why subsidies?

Over the past few years, Zalando has applied for and received government subsidies at key stages in the company's development. We started in 2008 as a small company with a great idea. At that time, E-commerce for fashion was still in its infancy and despite a strong vision, we were unable to predict whether or not our business model had a future. The surprising demand for our range that we experienced within the first few years made us confident that, with the right measures, we could establish ourselves in the long-term as a retailer of fashion and shoes in the European market. Government funding was crucial to achieving the growth required during this important development phase and to positioning ourselves in a sustainable way. 


At the same time, we have been able to use this subsidies to create a wide variety of jobs in economically underdeveloped regions and strengthen the local economies of Berlin, Brandenburg and Thuringia. Through the help of funding, the development of Zalando has contributed to long-term positive site development and improved infrastructure. Where appropriate and necessary, we will also apply for subsidies in the future to expand our company or to develop new technologies – and in doing so, help to shape employment, companies and society.  

Dr. Jan Kemper, Senior Vice President Finance