Good, modern working conditions

We follow the guidelines of appreciation, fairness, respect and openness. Ensuring good, modern working conditions in our logistics centers is a top priority for us. For this reason, since the beginning of 2012 we have been ensuring that social standards for logistic activity have been implemented for our fulfillment centers and those of our partners. Moreover, we have implemented a number of additional social initiatives that take into account the particular characteristics of work in a fulfillment center. These initiatives include measures to allow for fundamental travel-related activities and ensure a pleasant working environment. Ever since becoming involved in logistics activities, together with our employees, we have developed and optimized working conditions on an ongoing basis, and will continue to do so in the future. For this reason, a constructive exchange with our employees is part of everyday practice at all locations from the outset. In the logistics centers in Brieselang and Erfurt, there are works councils with whom we also cooperate very well.


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Our measures for ensuring modern and good working conditions include:

  • Equal treatment of all employees, regardless of hierarchy level and length of service with the company
  • Equal pay for both temporary and permanent staff
  • Continuous removal of time limits on contracts
  • Employee participation programs (employees receive free shares as well as the possibility to secure additional company shares simply and cost-effectively) 
  • Ergonomic workstations
  • Canteens with a range of nutritional options 
  • Parental shift for a better work/life balance


  • Shift times adapted to local traffic
  • Additional Zalando buses in local public transport for getting to and from work
  • Regular feedback for all employees, whether permanent or temporary
  • Employee newspaper for logistics to support the flow of information
  • Independent confidant 
  • Welfare counselling on site
  • Free fruit and water

Fair remuneration model 

Good working conditions also include fair pay. We offer a remuneration package that is oriented in each case towards local collective wage agreements in the logistics sector, and also contains a number of extra-contractual services such as a company pension scheme or a subsidized ticket for use on local public transport. For several years now, christmas und holiday pay are part of the payroll package that we offer our employees.  


Our additional benefits include:

  • Company pension scheme offers
  • Contribution to a local public transport ticket
  • Canteen concessions 
  • Employee discount of 40 percent for the Zalando shop

Review of social standards 

We have established social standards at our three fulfillment centers which ensure that our employees are able to carry out their work under the best possible conditions. The implementation and maintenance of the social standards are reviewed on a regular basis both internally and externally by the independent testing and certification company, DEKRA. DEKRA checks take place unannounced every six months. In all test reports to date, DEKRA has awarded us very good results and that numerous suggestions for improvement have been implemented. For example, the last report for our three sites (Brieselang: 12/01/2017, Erfurt: 19/01/2017, Mönchengladbach: 25/01/2017) produced an average score of 1.3 (where 1 is "very good" and 4 is "not acceptable").


This assessment shows us that we have taken the right path with our measures, and at the same time spurs us on to continue working to achieve further improvements in the future.  

In addition to the official checks, we open the doors of our three fulfillment centers on a regular basis for external visits from politicians and the press, and in doing so provide unfiltered access to all employees on site.