Zalando’s Sustainability Evolution

The launch of our do.MORE strategy and our stand on sustainability

The launch of our do.MORE strategy and our stand on sustainability

In 2019, we launch our most ambitious sustainability strategy yet: do.MORE. Our vision is to be a sustainable fashion platform with a net-positive impact for people and the planet. And we’ve made very specific commitments for how we want to take fast action to tackle the most pressing sustainability challenges we face in our business. We are determined to push through tough conventions and tackle challenges head-on.
Improving our own operations is one part of how we achieve our vision, but it also means reaching further; across the entire industry and value chain. Having a net-positive impact means that we run our business in a way that gives back more to society and the environment than we take. From beginning to end, we recognize our influence on how brand partners source and make their products, and how our customers buy and care for them later. We’ve thought carefully about how we will get there. Our plan consists of three pillars.

Take a Stand
It starts by taking a stand on the most important issues today. The planet is suffering from the effects of climate change, human rights and working standards are under threat, and resources are used in unsustainable ways. We’re raising the bar, acting first and bringing our partners on the journey with us.

Our Commitments

  • From today onwards, our own operations and all deliveries and returns will be carbon neutral. We will set Science Based Targets in 2020.

  • By 2023, we design our packaging to minimize waste and keep materials in use, specifically eliminating single-use plastics.

  • By 2023, we have continuously increased our ethical standards and only work with partners who align with them.

Style with Care
Secondly, we are going further to style with care, making it easy for people to shop the brands they want to, big and small, sustainably. And we’ll ensure our customers have the inspiration and information they are looking for, all in one place.

Our Commitment

  • By 2023, we generate 20 percent of our GMV with more sustainable products. 

Shape Our Future
Beyond this, we want to shape our future. We’re experimenting and collaborating across the industry to create a more circular fashion system. And we’ll make sure the people in the workforce have the skills they need to thrive in a rapidly changing world.  

Our Commitments

  • By 2023, we apply the principles of circularity and extend the life of at least 50 million fashion products.

  • By 2023, we have supported 10,000 people in the workforce by providing skilling opportunities that match future work requirements. 

We're on a Journey

Our approach to sustainability has evolved over time. In our early years, our highest priorities were to overcome the fundamental challenges faced by every startup and prove we had a profitable business model. Our perception of sustainability changed over the following years. In 2015, we defined our first sustainability strategy – the do.STRATEGY – focusing on three main impact areas: Sustainable Fashion, Sustainable e-commerce and Value Chain Transparency. We’re proud of what we’ve achieved so far. You can check out our major milestones below.
Our work has also given us some valuable learnings. Most importantly, we learned that due to our unique set of capabilities and the high level of excitement and commitment in our teams, we can and need to aim even higher.

Today, with more than 29 million active customers in 17 countries and more than 2,000 brands, we know that we can move the fashion industry forward. Building a sustainable fashion platform with a net-positive impact on people and the planet is an ambitious vision and requires a meaningful transformation of our business. This is a long-term vision and a task for the decades ahead, but we’ve set ourselves a first set of ambitious commitments for the mid-term.

Zalando’s Sustainability Milestones Throughout the Years

Take a look at the highlights and milestones along our sustainability journey and our vision and targets for the future below. Check the full list of commitments from our do.MORE strategy here.

  • 2019 – What we are working on...
    Zalando SE Small Steps, Big Impact Campaign
    Zalando's first sustainable fashion campaign, “Small Steps. Big Impact”.
    • Our sustainable fashion assortment today is one of the largest in Europe with over 20,000 items from over 240 brands. We’re continuing to expand this with newly added brands such as Ecoalf, Mud Jeans and Girlfriend Collective.
    • We launch a pilot to trial reusable packaging with RePack.
    • Launch of our do.MORE sustainability strategy.
    • We’re piloting climate-friendly delivery options such as "Din Nabo" or e-bikes on the last mile.
    • We are in the process of converting our beauty bags from plastic to 100% recycled paper and other more sustainable materials.