Zalando Launches Campaign to Celebrate Society's Champions

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  • Diversity and inclusivity is at the very heart of Zalando’s spring campaign “Here to Stay”
  • The campaign aims to foster a dialogue around core values, such as diversity and inclusion, sustainability and women’s empowerment
  • The 360° campaign will be rolled out across Europe, in all 17 of Zalando’s markets


BERLIN, MARCH 22, 2021 // Zalando, Europe’s leading online platform for fashion and lifestyle, launches its new campaign, “Here to Stay,” celebrating those who stay true to their beliefs and take a stand for lasting progress. The campaign aims to foster a dialogue around core values, such as diversity and inclusion, sustainability and women’s empowerment, which inspire and encourage people around the world to broaden their views on topics like gender fluidity and body positivity. 

The “Here to Stay” marketing campaign, launched on March 21, gives people and their values and stories a stage. Shot by Berlin-based fashion photographer, Dan Beleiu, the campaign features a series of still images with real life pairings representing open dialogue on a different shared value relevant to the protagonists featured. Each image is overlaid with a bold statement signalling lasting progress on the highlighted value; that it is “Here to Stay.” This includes “Acceptance. Here to Stay”, “Sustainability. Here to Stay,” and “Better Together. Here to Stay.” The campaign is in line with Zalando’s ambition to contribute to a more inclusive future for everyone.

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Barbara Daliri, SVP Marketing and Sales at Zalando


“This campaign is a celebration of values that are at the core of Zalando, specifically embracing diversity and inclusivity. These values and the stories of real people matter a lot to us and allow us to engage with our diverse customers,” says Barbara Daliri, Zalando Senior Vice President Sales & Marketing. She continues, “Our values are intrinsic to who we are and how we work. Zalando actively supports an inclusive corporate culture with employees from 130 countries. Last year, we published the do.BETTER Diversity and Inclusion Report, laying out our long-term commitment to change towards our employees, partners and customers. This spring campaign further underlines our ambition to be the Starting Point for Fashion for everyone.”

Accompanying the stills is an emotive and vibrant hero film featuring global action takers including dancer, actor, model, and diversity and inclusion advocate Luc Bruyere, who has consistently challenged the fashion industry’s ideals; Yann Horowitz, skateboarder and LGBTQI+ activist, and body positivity advocate, Yolisa Mqoco. The hero film is set to an exclusive track written and produced by up-and-coming queer Britsh rapper Mista Strange who also features in the film. It is shot by two directors, veteran Terence Neale and Gen Z director Emilie Badenhorst, who were paired together to mirror the open dialogue themes of the campaign.


The campaign will be brought to life across numerous formats, from the hero film, photography by Beleiu, and Out Of Home, Digital Out Of Home and owned social channels by the diverse cast of this campaign. The 360° campaign was created in collaboration with creative agency, Anomaly Berlin, and will be rolled out across Europe in all 17 of Zalando’s markets.

Note to editors: All images and video content have been shot in accordance with government guidelines on COVID-19, specific to each country at the time of capture. All safety measures were put in place on all shoot locations throughout the world to ensure every single person featured was respecting COVID safety measures.

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