How Zalando helps customers make the perfect fashion choices

Zalando customer browsing the webshop on a tablet computer in a home environment

Zalando customers enjoy one of the most comprehensive fashion assortments in the market, with over 1 million choices from more than 4,500 brands. Technology offers a helping hand in navigating Zalando’s wide assortment and making the right choices – especially during the busiest season of the year.

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Each time customers interact with Zalando and browse its offers, their homepage changes to adapt to their unique fashion interests. Whenever customers want to get outfit inspiration, Get the Look provides them with a personalized selection of inspirational looks from style creators across Europe. This is all part of Zalando’s new Style Creator Program – where creators represent the diversity of our customers. As a result, Get the Look is becoming more relatable, helping customers find inspiration and keep up to date with the latest fashion trends. “Since the introduction of the new Style Creator Program, the average of interactions per customer with creator outfits improved by 25% within the first two months,” says Lucie McLean, Director of Outfits at Zalando.


Once customers find items they want to buy, algorithms help them to pick the right size directly. Thanks to both the information from Zalando’s Size and Fit team, which tells customers if an item runs smaller or larger than the average, and – if applicable – input from past purchases, they receive the advice they need to buy the right fit the first time. And not only that – now, customers can provide a size reference in their size profile, and thus be able to receive recommendations without having to make a purchase. With all this information, customers can filter the catalogue by their preferred sizes, making the selections more relevant for them. “With our Size Advice, we not only improve customer experience by helping them find what fits, but we’re also able to reduce size-related returns. Our goal is to have fewer parcels being shipped back and forth because something is ill-fitting.” explains Stacia Carr, VP Size and Fit at Zalando.

Portrait of Stacia Carr

If customers have bought or viewed an item recently, the Complete The Look section will suggest a full outfit based on that item. Here is where algorithms also come into play. Bought or seen a cool t-shirt? Why not combine it with these pants and this sweater? Developers at Zalando created the Algorithmic Fashion Companion (AFC) that allows customers to discover new, relevant products which they might not have found otherwise, and to inspire them through new color and style combinations they might not have thought of before.

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By applying machine learning, the algorithm teaches itself what makes a good outfit based on insights from outfits created by Zalando stylists and creators, plus information about what Zalando customers have bought. This means that all Zalando customers can benefit from unlimited, free and personalized outfit suggestions based on an item that they either already own or have expressed interest in – a truly fashion savvy tool! And, if customers fancy a personalized consultation with an actual stylist on an outfit, our Zalon service is available in six of Zalando’s 23 markets.

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