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Zalando’s socially conscious hackathon promotes transparency

At Zalando, we believe tech can be a positive force in the industry. Using our tech muscle to reimagine fashion for the good of all, we launched zIMPACT, a program that offers visibility, funding, and expertise to industry players that use digital technology to increase supply chain transparency. It’s with this in mind that we organized our first zIMPACT Hackathon, with the topic, “Supply Chain Transparency.” On April 5th, some of the most exciting socially conscious startups from Europe and beyond joined Zalando’s inaugural zIMPACT Hackathon.

It is an exciting time. Increasing numbers of brands are getting serious with their commitment to sustainability and there are many inspiring solutions out there already. The first movers are leading the industry in this direction, and we are determined to contribute to this change.

Dennis Hoenig-Ohnsorg, Team Lead Corporate Responsibility at Zalando

Among the participants were the Dutch recycling certification startup, Remo; the Berlin-based Circular Design; Sustainabill, who work with supply chain software; from London, A Transparent Company, which leverages blockchain technology; also from Berlin, open source data focused, WikiRate; and from California, Labor Voices, who create auditing technology to improve working conditions.

In working with startups such as the above, Zalando is a facilitator and enabler in a vibrant and ever-increasing socially conscious tech landscape. With initiatives like the zIMPACT Hackathon, Zalando can map the state of the industry, and build its capacity by investing in and accelerating the best solutions.

The evening reception one night before the Hackathon was co-hosted by the Swedish Embassy and sustainable tech accelerator, Fashion for Good who we joined forces with last year.

As we celebrate our 10th birthday this year at Zalando, we’re more eager than ever to transform the fashion ecosystem – and we want to do it right. Part of the process of growing up is getting the basics right wherever we have a material impact. These changes are taking place in every part of the fashion journey, technology being a key area. With the exciting new zIMPACT Hackathon, Zalando is committed to taking steps towards a more socially responsible fashion industry.

zImpact Hackathon
zImpact Hackathon

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