We Connect Everything from A(didas) to Z(alando)

As Rubin already announced at NOAH16: It’s time to kick-off a new era of retail - Integrated Commerce at Zalando. You want to get your favourite fashion piece? You can’t wait for it being delivered by Zalando in 2-3 days? You can get it delivered fast and convenient from a local store nearby. We are testing this service with our brand partner adidas and their Performance store at Tauentzienstraße in Berlin. We digitalize stationary stock inventory and connect the online and offline world on our Zalando platform. It marks another major milestone in becoming the leading fashion platform. Think of it this way…You have been sitting in the meetingroom for more than two hours, already running overtime. Out of the corner of your eye you watch busy workers building up the screens for a public viewing event in the evening for the European Championship. “…third and most important factor, which I would like to discuss with you later in the meeting…”, a voice mentions. This meeting is really never ending. Your thoughts are wandering off as you are invited to an exclusive Euro 2016 viewing event in Berlin with several federal league and former national players. Unthinkable to join without a jersey! But with every minute in this meeting your chance to buy a jersey during lunchbreak decreases constantly.  “Ok, folks, we all need a break. Let’s move on with our meeting at 4pm again.”, the voice mentions again. You finally have time to find your jersey.

Being outside of the office really feels like freedom at the moment. “Now hurry up and organize a jersey in 1hour”, you speak to yourself.  The office is located somewhere in the north of Berlin where you don’t even know if this really still belongs to the city. But there is this one sports store 30 minutes away – it seems to be your last chance. You arrive, ignore crowds of people unfortunately knowing as well that Euro starts and directly apply to one of the salesman. “Hi, any chance to get a jersey?” “Oh, sorry, but I just sold the last one five minutes ago.” “F***..” You are depressed. “You know what”, that guy moves on, “my girlfriend recently tested an app, which offers fashion items with same day delivery. I think it’s worth checking it.” The seed of hope spreads again your body. “But what’s the name of the app?”, you ask impatient. “Something with ‘z’… if I am not mistaken, it was ZipCart.” You sit down at the front stairs and start searching….the app, here it is. It says “get your parcel delivered between 7-9pm.” Still time left for an order right now. “Have it on stock, have it on stock, have it on stock...”, you mumble. “YES”, you found it, the adidas jersey you were searching for in your size. It says it is available at the adidas store in Tauentzienstraße. “Sounds weird”, you think. It’s not an adidas-app – how do they know what the stores have on stock? Obviously they managed to connect these two worlds. Anyway, what counts for you is getting your jersey same day delivered.  You are only a few clicks away from success and happiness. And… Bought. There’s even time left for a snack before the meeting goes on. “Well, that was easy.”

Meanwhile a notification is opened by a salesman in the adidas Performance store in Tauentzienstraße with your order and delivery details. The jersey is being prepared for the pick-up by the courier. One of the drivers will come by soon and pick up several parcels for all those customers who placed a same-day delivery order for an adidas product today – your jersey among them.

Back in the office you are much more concentrated in the meeting this time, but can’t wait to get home. You know that your parcel will arrive soon. The meeting ends late – not surprising at all. So you have to hurry up again to be at home at 7pm.

When you are turning around the last corner, you see the car of the courier. You muster the rest of your power sprinting the last 100 meters to the front door. It opens and a guy with a parcel in his hands smiles at you: “Hi, are you….uhm…? Is this parcel probably for you?” You gasp for breath: “Yes...let me see, yes, this is me!” The courier hands over the parcel with the pen for your signature as delivery confirmation and asks: “Seemed to be urgent, hu?” “Kind of, but somehow I knew that this would work.”, you answer with a wink.

As soon as the courier got back in his car, you open the parcel. This is it – your brand new adidas jersey. You put it on, check your outfit in the mirror and leave your apartment to join the party. When you finally enter the location one of your friends runs straight to you yelling: “Wow, how did you manage to get this brand new jersey? I was searching in several stores in Berlin, but couldn’t find anything.” Everyone is starring at you now. Indeed there are a couple of people with a white t-shirt only. Maybe you could have joined the party without a jersey. But at this moment you feel as if you could manage everything. Isn’t it the fan as the 12th man who plays an important role for the team’s success?