Tailor-made support at Zalando Customer Care

Innovating customer service with new channels

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Customer satisfaction doesn’t happen by chance, but is a conscious effort from within every part of the organization. Even if we try to offer a frictionless shopping experience throughout the whole process, things can’t go smoothly 100% of the time. This is where Zalando Customer Care comes in. We want to be present in those “roadblock” or frustrating moments to turn the negative customer experience into a positive.

Today personalization lies at the heart of our customer care strategy. Of course, there are processes and guidelines in order to offer a reliable and high quality service to our customers. But at the same time it is important to treat customer cases individually and offer a personalized service. At Zalando this is reflected in different initiatives.


For example, we trust our customer care specialists to gauge the tonality of each call, speaking informally or formally as the situation requires. In the past, we experienced that a handwritten card with little drawings or notes from our specialists are much more appreciated than a discount voucher as apology. The personal aspect really resonated and it was a nice tie-in with our company culture overall.

On the technological side we recently added two new features to personalize our contact channels even more. Within our help section we introduced a more personalized landing page with dedicated information about the latest order, while our dynamic FAQ is a fluid take on a traditionally static and hard-to-mine resource with personalized information for more convenience.

“Our dynamic FAQ is a fluid take on a traditionally static and hard-to-mine resource with personalized information for more convenience.”

Lisa Miczaika, Zalando VP Customer Satisfaction

With the Messenger customer chat plugin we are testing an additional contact channel where chat is even more convenient, enabling our customers to connect with us wherever and whenever they want, be it on our website or in Messenger.

Lisa Miczaika, Zalando VP Customer Satisfaction

In addition, we just started a pilot with Facebook Messenger in the Zalando shop UK, which is obviously an exciting new step for us in our push for personalization and convenience for our customers. By clicking the Messenger icon in the bottom right corner of the webpage, customers can seek advice and answers from our team using Messenger; from how to track their parcel to what kind of dress might complement a pair of gold boots. No external link, no extra tab: just a smooth, convenient experience within the help section. If customers have to step away mid-chat they can pick-up the conversation again on our website or in the Messenger app without information getting lost.

Customer Care Zalando CuCa Facebook messenger
A customer learns more about their order from Facebook Messenger.

We are excited about the results and the learnings within these new pilots. It’s an important step towards offering that little extra service for our customer.

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