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Hello Festival
Hello Festival

As a company with employees from more than 100 countries, we want to show our true colours - especially when it comes to migration and integration. After we bought the Bread & Butter trade show in October 2015 and after it was decided that the former Tempelhof airport would provide emergency accommodation for refugees, we announced that we would be postponing the first ‘Bread & Butter by Zalando’ and using the events team for something else. But, in the current situation, how can we support the integration of refugees and meet and come into contact with them? We found a solution – we will be combining these things in one event. Together with our partners Ashoka Germany, TEDx Berlin, streetfootballworld and betterplace.org we will be organising the Hello Festival from 18th to 20th March 2016 at the Arena Berlin.

Around the world there are already many effective solutions for the challenges resulting from people fleeing other countries. These ideas just need to be put into action. Together with our partners from the innovative social sector we will bring some of these experts and their best solutions to Germany and present the best solutions for accommodating and integrating refugees in Germany.

The Hello Festival will consist of three parts: a conference presented by Ashoka on 18th March, where international problem solvers can meet local experts and work together to distribute the world's best integration solutions, a TEDxBerlinSalon on 19th March, when integration experts will give a series of inspiring short talks and a football tournament organised by streetfootballworld 20th March, where refugees and locals can come together, play football and have fun.

Dennis, Corporate Social Responsibility