In A New Position

From Team Member to Team Lead. Mario talks about his new role and the standards he has set himself.

Mario Mersch - team colleague only yesterday, today the leader of the team.
“I started my career at Zalando in November 2012 as an industrial worker in the outbound, in the packaging area, changed jobs two years later and became a so called problem solver. Lately, I set myself the goal of being Team Lead in Outbound. This promotion within the team is not only a vote of confidence in me from Zalando Logistics, but also a task for which all team members have to settle in. I have after all worked for years very closely with my colleagues, so naturally friendships have also developed. Suddenly all eyes are on me and I must draw back a little from my “old image” of being a colleague. It is a whole new set of demands.

I am consciously more aware of having to do things differently, but sometimes too, to leave them exactly how they were. My tasks as team lead revolve most of all around quality control of the work of our problem solvers, the organisation of holiday plans, as well as scheduling my team members. I pay particular attention to the problem solver processes, set goals and delegate tasks. For the Section Leaders, I am a point of contact, as I am an “expert”, so to speak. Some problems are already known to me, so I can help and deal with queries or ideas far faster. From my previous experience, I can put myself in my team’s shoes regarding their tasks and be their voice, as it were. I am really very honoured and feel that I get terrific support from my team.