Inside Zalando: Samir Hanna

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My Zalando story kind of started in France where I met my German wife who followed me to Finland afterwards. She's a traveler at heart and never thought she would come back to Germany. When I saw that Zalando was recruiting in Berlin I became curious about discovering German #culture. She was surprised. I quickly fell in love with Zalando and work as an #agile coach now, supporting multidisciplinary teams to focus on business values. I believe being agile is a way of living. I just came back from a #Sabbatical in Uganda - my wife is studying there for her PhD and had to do a field study. We have two young children so the only viable option was to go together. I'm very thankful that #Zalando let me do this. I brought back tons of stories that I can use now in my training as metaphors to vehicle agile principles, mindsets and practices.