Infographic: Zalando’s Black Friday 2018 Results

Zalando SE Black Friday 2018

Cyber Week gives reason to celebrate with new milestones achieved

Preparations for Black Friday 2018 began immediately after the big day last year; and it’s paid off. In our deep dives with Campaign Strategy, Tech and Logistics, we discovered how the different teams collaborated to roll out Black Friday in all 17 markets. We concluded one of the most important commercial retail events with record-breaking results of around two million orders.

At peak times, orders were in excess of 4,200 per minute, breaking last year’s milestone of 2,000. On Black Friday alone, Zalando acquired over 220,000 new customers; more than doubling customer acquisition compared to 2017. The Zalando customer favourite was a pair of black sneakers.

“With strong performances in all our markets, we executed a successful Cyber Week and a record-breaking Black Friday. From strategy, to tech, to logistics, and beyond, we worked together to deliver a seamless shopping experience for our customers. I am proud of what we achieved here as a team, and look forward to building on it in the future,” says Moritz Hahn, Senior Vice President of Commercial Business for the Zalando Fashion store.

Explore more of Zalando’s Black Friday 2018 in our infographic.

Zalando SE Infographic Black Friday 2018

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