Zalando Launches Gift Finder Assistant App for Google Assistant

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Zalando SE_Assistant_Geschenkefinder5
Zalando Gift Finder / Geschenkefinder
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Zalando Gift Finder / Geschenkefinder

Zalando and Google have announced their collaboration for the launch of a gift guide chatbot on the Google Assistant. Google has recently introduced the conversational platform Actions on Google in Germany, which allows third parties to build apps for their virtual assistant called the Google Assistant. As the one of main partners for this launch, Zalando collaborated with the Google team in Germany to create a new service that allows users to find the perfect gift through a conversation with a chatbot.


“People are spending more and more time on social apps, and as a customer centric company we have to be where the consumer is, to innovate in order to tackle emerging and foreseeable customer needs and pain-points”, explains Nicolas Borg, VP Strategy at Zalando. “The collaboration with Google allows us to move another step ahead in the area of Conversational Commerce, and to further explore a field that is going to be enormously relevant for the future of online shopping.”


The Gift Finder is designed to provide a fun and personalized experience, and can be accessed by all users of the Google Assistant once they ask the Assistant for help in finding a gift. Even though the user is, at this point, connected with the chatbot, the interaction continues within the Google Assistant. The chatbot asks the user a series of questions in order to identify the perfect fashion gift. After finding the perfect gift, users can learn more about the product and even purchase it through Zalando's Distributed Commerce solution.


“This collaboration shows the added value of Actions on Google for our users”, explains Malte Will, Product Partnerships Manager at Google. “Users with specific needs - in this case, fashion needs - can now benefit from services which are designed by industry experts, without the hassle of leaving the Assistant or installing extra apps.”


The Zalando Geschenkefinder (Gift Finder) will be available in Germany for all users of the Google Assistant on Android and iOS in late October.