Zalando invests in Logistics Robotics Startup Magazino

Investment underpins the company’s focus on technology

Zalando’s logistics network is the “engine room” of its operations, with 65 million orders delivered to our 22.2 million active customers in the first nine months of 2017, and a successful Black Friday on record last November.

Zalando started its own logistics activities in 2011. Since then, the company has maintained its drive towards operational excellence: First with basic conveyor and sorting technology, then with leading goods-to-person technologies that deliver products to the right workstation for further handling. The move into robotics is a key next step.

Underlining its strong belief in next generation automation solutions, Zalando has acquired a minority stake in Munich-based robotics startup, Magazino; a leading player in intralogistics applications in e-commerce warehousing. The investment is part of a Series A funding round for the startup.

Our investment into Magazino grants us access to a leading technology that is highly compatible with our existing infrastructure and can be deployed flexibly to support employees in our fulfillment centers.

David Schröder, Senior Vice President Convenience
Zalando SE_David Schroeder_SVP Convenience

Magazino develops and builds perception-controlled, mobile robots in the field of intralogistics, and employs the largest team in perception-driven robotics in Europe. A key focus in the development of Magazino robots is artificially intelligent robot operating software. The software applies deep learning methodologies that enable the robots to adapt to changing environments and use their experiences to improve performance.

David Schröder, Senior Vice President Convenience at Zalando: “Logistics is one of our core competencies; driving customer satisfaction, the scalability of our business, and efficiency of operations. We believe pairing passionate employees with cutting-edge technology leads to the best possible results in all three dimensions. Our investment into Magazino grants us access to a leading technology that is highly compatible with our existing infrastructure and can be deployed flexibly to support employees in our fulfillment centers.”


Magazino robots like "TORU" operate safely alongside employees. 

Equipped with 3D cameras and numerous sensors, Magazino robots like “TORU” can stow and pick shoe boxes from shelves autonomously. Taking note of their immediate environment, Magazino robots operate safely alongside employees and support them with physically challenging tasks, such as picking items from the lowest or highest shelf. For Zalando and its team of more than 7,600 logistics employees, robotic solutions are a great supplement, and allow us to further drive operational excellence in our fulfillment centers.

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Zalando is Europe’s leading online fashion platform for women, men and children. We offer our customers a one-stop, convenient shopping experience with an extensive selection of fashion articles including shoes, apparel and accessories, with free delivery and returns. Our assortment of almost 2,000 international brands ranges from popular global brands, fast fashion and local brands, and is complemented by our private label products. Our localized offering addresses the distinct preferences of our customers in each of the 15 European markets we serve: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Poland and the United Kingdom. Our logistics network with five centrally located fulfillment centers allows us to efficiently serve our customers throughout Europe, supported by warehouses in Northern Italy, France and Sweden with a focus on local customer needs. We believe that our integration of fashion, operations and online technology gives us the capability to deliver a compelling value proposition to both our customers and fashion brand partners. Zalando’s shops attract over 200 million visits per month. In the third quarter of 2017, 72% of traffic came from mobile devices, resulting in 22.2 million active customers by the end of the quarter. 

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