Introducing BOA17

Bread&&Butter by Zalando to present exclusive collaboration with leading cultural platform 032c: BOA17, a unisex capsule collection inspired by fellow Berliner Jerome Boateng.

BERLIN, JULY 24, 2018 // Named for his nickname on the field (“Boa”) and his number 17, BOA17 is a hyperpersonal unisex collection inspired by the German footballer's favorite things: dogs (especially his pitbull, Ivory), hip-hop, camouflage, and the color baby blue. Alongside hats, shoe laces, socks, and pins, the line's featured centerpiece is a desert camo over shirt emblazoned with the Latin phrase "Per Aspera Ad Astra” (“Through hardship to the stars”) - a nod to Boa's humble origins in the neighborhood of Berlin-Wedding, and his ascent to where he is today as one of football’s premier athletes.

Launching late August 2018, the collection can be picked up exclusively at Bread&&Butter (B&&B) and on, Zalando’s limited edition product hub. Promotions and teasers for BOA17 limited edition products will feature images of Boateng styled by 032c fashion director Marc Goehring and shot by artist Jonas Lindstroem. Additional activations will include an 032c pop-up during Bread&Butter, and a B&&B Talk by 032c on their BOA17 collection, a collaboration with B&&B inspired by Jerome Boateng.

Bread&&Butter by Zalando takes place at Arena Berlin from 31 August through 2 September, 2018. For further information please visit


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