Data Protection Is an Integral Part of Zalando

BERLIN, NOVEMBER 22, 2019 // Data protection and ensuring that our employees, customers and partners have trust in us is a top priority. We comply with data protection laws whenever we collect, process or use any kind of personal data. This applies to our fashion store as well as to our internally used performance and development tool Zonar.

We have informed the Berlin data protection authorities about the planned publication of the Hans Böckler Foundation's study in advance. Furthermore, we shared information about the actual functioning of Zonar with the authorities. They are now fulfilling their obligation of reviewing the platform from a data protection perspective. Of course, we are fully cooperating with the responsible Berlin data protection authorities and remain in close exchange. Additionally, we are also in touch with the data protection authorities in Thuringia, where one of our logistics sites is located.

Zalando strongly objects the results of the Hans Böckler Foundation’s study on our company's performance and development tool Zonar. Zonar meets the legal requirements of the GDPR. In addition, our employees have been and are continuously informed about Zonar and its functions in the form of detailed documentation. Our official statement can be found here.

More information on the performance and development tool Zonar can be found here. You can find an article on performance management at Zalando here and one on working conditions and employee satisfaction here.