It’s Time to do.MORE

Dear readers,

Sustainability is becoming increasingly relevant to our society. It’s a high-priority topic in business and our personal lives. And we certainly notice the importance of sustainability to our customers. We can see from our data that customers want to make more sustainable shopping decisions, and they expect us to enable them to do so. As a highly customer-centric company, we take that need very seriously.

For us, becoming more sustainable as a company is not just about gaining a competitive advantage. We can influence our industry to do more and be better, because globally, society is facing sustainability issues that cannot be ignored. The planet is suffering from the effects of climate change and the unsustainable use of resources. Human rights and working standards are under threat. It is clear that there is an urgent need for action.

We know we have been part of the problem. Now, we will be part of the solution. We know that Zalando can play an important role in tackling these fundamental sustainability challenges. As the Starting Point for Fashion in Europe, our scale and technology will help us to take the lead in building the connections needed to transform the industry. Improving our business is one part, but it will also mean reaching further; right across the value chain. We recognize our opportunity to positively influence how brand partners make and source their products, and how customers buy and care for them later.


To bring about this meaningful transformation of our business and, eventually, the entire industry, we launched our new Sustainability Strategy 2023. Titled do.MORE, the strategy combines our ambitious long-term vision to be a sustainable fashion platform with a net-positive impact for people and the planet with specific commitments - some of which we want to reach very quickly.

We’ve thought carefully about how we’ll get there. Our strategy has three parts: We're taking a stand on climate change, use of resources and worker rights. We're styling with care to make it easier for customers to shop sustainably. And we're experimenting and collaborating across the industry to shape a circular and prosperous future for fashion. Find our specific targets here.

We have reached important milestones over the past years with our previous sustainability efforts. Our latest achievements are explained in the CR chapter of our 2018 Annual Report. But today, ‘less bad’ isn’t good enough anymore. With do.MORE, Zalando enters its next sustainability chapter. 


Thank you for helping us shape our joint future and reimagine fashion for the good of all.



Rubin Ritter, Co-CEO Zalando SE
Rubin Ritter, Co-CEO