Corporate Values

Our customers’ satisfaction is crucial to our success. We want to exceed our customers’ expectations, surprise and impress them and earn their trust. These aspirations determine our day-to-day actions and are the foundation of our success. Continuous development and the firm belief that there is a solution to every problem have made Zalando what it is today: Europe’s largest pure-play online fashion company. The past years’ fast growth and our company’s evolution from a startup into an international market player have been fuelled by our team of dynamic individuals with a passion for fashion, retail-excellence and technology.

We’re a team of creative individuals who think outside the box and have the courage to embrace change without losing sight of their goal. We’re individualists with expert knowledge who only unfold their full strength in a team setting. Great ideas and professionalism do not require formal constraints. We are and will remain unconventional and pragmatic.

These values define Zalando – as an online retailer, employer and business partner.


Always put yourself in our customers’ shoes.
Everything we do, we do for our customers. We want to exceed their expectations, surprise and impress them – each and every Zalando experience should cause them to “scream of joy.” We take any sign of dissatisfaction on the part of our customers seriously. Why? Because every customer counts.

Think big and act fast.
We are not afraid to think in terms of big solutions – because we have seen for ourselves that it is possible to achieve the seemingly impossible. We do not hesitate to use the opportunities that arise. Smart decisions and quick action are our strengths.

Find a solution.
We identify solutions rather than wasting time endlessly discussing problems. Our experience has shown us that there’s an answer to every question. We’ll find this answer not by focusing on problems, but by looking for improvements and by adopting a pragmatic approach.

Play for the team.
We achieve more as a team than as the sum of our individual efforts. We support each other, treat each other with respect and accept our common responsibility – for our achievements as well as for our failures. We don’t blame others; we help each other. We strive to create an environment in which each of us can learn and grow!

Treat every day as your first day.
Sustained success depends on the ability and willingness to change. Irrespective of their position and title, all members of our team have the right and the obligation to challenge existing ideas and approaches. We’d rather take a risk with the new and unknown than stand still.

Fly high and dive deep.
Our business success builds on many individual factors. All members of our team are experts in their fields. With their can-do mentality, they strive for perfection in their areas of responsibility without getting lost in the details. Whatever we do, we always remain focused on our long-term goals.

What you cannot measure does not exist.
We measure and assess our progress on the basis of various indicators. While it may be complex to express everything in figures, it is important for us to measure these indicators across our organization – to see where we stand and to decide how to continue our successful business development.

Be creative – it’s the key to our success.
Success is not just the result of hard work – new and creative approaches are equally important. We don’t have to reinvent everything, but we wouldn’t exist today without creativity. Whether we are looking to improve or develop something new – we need creative ideas!

Put purpose first, ego second.
Our most important goal is to make our customers happy and advance Zalando – not to applaud our own achievements. When it’s decision time, the best argument wins.

Wear sneakers, not ties.
We have a casual dress code and transparent communication. Our results show that we’re a highly professional company – even without suit and tie.