Working at Zalando Logistics

The thousands of employees working in logistics make a significant contribution to our success.

“Zalando Logistics has experienced rapid change in recent years. To date, our European network comprises four fulfillment centers in Brandenburg, Thuringia, North Rhine-Westphalia and Baden-Württemberg as well as smaller fulfillment centers in northern Italy and near Paris. In 2017, operations will commence at two other international locations in Sweden and Poland. Every day, Zalando Logistics employees at our own locations and other locations operated by service providers ensure that over 20 million Zalando customers in 15 European markets receive their packages quickly and reliably thanks to their high level of commitment.

The competition for a good workforce is huge and Zalando Logistics must fulfill high standards to ensure it is attractive for potential applicants and current employees. We therefore strive to provide optimum working conditions, remuneration models and favorable social welfare standards. We also expect these standards from locations operated by service providers. Only with a motivated and strong team will we be able to continuously operate and expand the logistics side of the business in the future.”

Zalando SE David Schroeder SVP Convenience
As Senior Vice President Convenience, David Schröder places huge value on providing optimum working conditions at Zalando Logistics.

    Benefits reconciliation of family and worklife. Idea from the workforce.


    Works committee, regular surveys and consultation-hours enable direct co-creation of working conditions and operation procedures.


    76 percent are satisfied with working at Zalando.
    82 percent feel treated fairly by superiors and 77 percent enjoy their tasks.


    For better integration of disabled persons.


    Approx. 50 percent of employees received unemployment benefits before. New opportunities for long-term unemployed, lower burden on public budgets.


    Equal pay for all employees. Temporary employment represents an additional recruitment channel.


    At our fulfillment centers more than 25 percent of our staff is older than 50 years.


    Employees from more than 70 nations work in Zalando Logistics.


    Developed and implemented by the Zalando Tech Team.


    Direct on-location-support by social education workers and integration managers.


    Based on regional collective bargaining agreements for logistics. Several perks and reductions (e.g. Christmas and holiday bonus, job ticket for public transport, free beverages and fresh fruit).


    About 6,500 employees in four fulfillment centers across an area of 460,000 m².

Modern Working Conditions

We follow the guidelines of employee feedback and motivation, fairness, respect and openness. Providing good and modern working conditions at Zalando Logistics is our top priority. This is why social standards were adopted as early as 2012 – the year that Zalando began its logistics operations. These standards apply both for locations of Zalando Logistics and those operated by service providers. In addition, we have implemented a range of social welfare benefits to ensure a good working environment, including activities that mainly involve standing and those that entail the use of walkways. All activities will be continually developed and optimized in the future.

For us, it is key to walk hand in hand with our employees when it comes to shaping working conditions. Therefore, a constructive exchange of views with colleagues from the outset is standard practice at all locations. At the fulfillment centers in Brieselang and Erfurt, we also work closely with works councils.

Our measures aimed at ensuring good and modern working conditions include:

  • A work culture in which everybody is valued and treated the same – regardless of their hierarchical level, gender, age, origin or other personal qualities

  • Equal pay for temporary and permanent staff

  • Continuous renewal of contracts

  • Ergonomic work stations

  • Canteens with a wide variety of dietary options

  • Parent shifts for better compatibility between work and family life

  • Shifts aligned with local transport timetables as well as additional Zalando buses on commuter routes

  • Regular feedback for all employees, whether permanent or temporary

  • Employee magazine for logistics to improve the flow of information

  • An independent representative

  • Social welfare advice on site

  • Free fruit and water

  • Free flu vaccinations and health advice

  • Various sports options

A Fair Remuneration Model

At Zalando Logistics, good working conditions also include fair pay. Zalando Logistics therefore offers a remuneration package, which is based on the locally applicable wage agreements of the logistics industry including a range of extra-contractual benefits. We aim to further develop this approach in the future.

The extra-contractual benefits include:

  • Offers for company pensions

  • Contributions to public transport tickets

  • Discounts for canteen food

  • Bonuses at Christmas and vacation pay

  • Employee discount of 40 percent in the Zalando shop

  • Employee participation programs (employees receive shares at no extra cost as well as the opportunity to secure additional company shares easily and at a reasonable cost)

Zalando SE CR Zalando Fashion Store Discount
Our employees are offered attractive discounts, for example in the fashion store.

Social Standards Review

At our fulfillment centers, we have established a set of social standards, which ensure that employees can perform their work under optimum conditions. The implementation and compliance with these standards are regularly reviewed both internally and externally by the independent testing and certification center, DEKRA, which carries out its inspections unannounced, twice a year. All previous inspection reports from DEKRA have yielded very good results and confirmed the implementation of a range of suggestions for improvement. In the last set of reports, we achieved an average score of 1.3 (Brieselang: January 12, 2017, Erfurt: January 19, 2017, Mönchengladbach: January 25, 2017, evaluated on a scale from 1 – very good to 4 – not acceptable). We were delighted with this result, showing that we are on the right track with our measures. It also encourages us to continue working on further improvements in the future.

In addition to official inspections, we also regularly open the doors of our fulfillment centers to external visitors from the world of politics and the press, allowing them unfiltered access to all employees on site.


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