What Drives Us

We reimagine fashion – and want to ask the right questions when things get more complex.

Our common purpose is something that unites all of us.

Why Do We Need a Purpose?

For us, our Purpose is a kind of guide with which we aim to achieve a common goal. Our Purpose also gives us – as well as all the newly emerging business areas and collaborations that we are entering into as a company – a direction. In this way, we make every decision with complete clarity. Our Purpose does not provide us with answers. However, it does help us to ask the right questions.

We Are Doers.
Every day that we come to work, we experiment, create, assemble, improve – and rethink.

Zalando SE Kultur Purpose
To determine our purpose, we asked our Zalandos what motivates them.

We Are People.
No matter which business unit we belong to, every one of us wants to make the world of fashion more intelligent, friendlier and more open. For the doers and the rebels, brands and trendsetters. For everyone who is fed up with playing by the fashion rules of yesterday. In all this, we never lose sight of the big picture. The clothing, the clichés and the supply chain. In order to create a system that benefits everyone.

Zalando SE Kultur Purpose
We compiled the moments that make us particularly proud and turned them into target statements.

We Are Inventors.
From the very first moment, we had the crazy idea that the fashion ecosystem should benefit everyone – whether you celebrate your personal style every day, you simply want something to wear, or you earn money with your outfits.

Zalando SE Kultur Purpose
We devised our purpose statement together.

Good for all?
Our Purpose challenges us to find solutions that produce the best results for people. Whether for customers, producers, trendsetters or brands, every single one plays an important role – directly or indirectly – in Zalando’s growing sphere of influence.

One of our purpose stories: Daycare shifts support a good work-life balance for our logistics employees.
Here’s another way we put our purpose into practice: With partner solutions, we are developing from just an e-commerce platform into a valuable partner in all areas – logistics, data, brands and marketing.