The Quality of Our Products

We are committed to maintaining high quality and product safety standards. This applies both to our private labels and third-party brands.

Our Responsibility

With more than 400,000 products from more than 2,000 brands, we offer our customers a diverse shopping experience. The vast majority of our products are globally renowned brands. Furthermore, we have been developing our own fashion since 2010, working directly with suppliers all over the world. Fashion production and retail entails a high degree of responsibility – towards our customers, employees and the environment. We are therefore committed to high standards and strict control mechanisms. Using these we can guarantee the quality and product safety of our private labels. We also expect this level of responsibility from our brand partners.


    Some of Zalando’s own brands have become established as bestsellers in the shop, including mint&berry an Zign.


    Leading fashion magazines, including Cosmopolitan, Grazia, Maxi and Neon, report time and time again about the Zalando brands.


    A group-wide code of conduct establishes clear principles and requirements for every business partner for responsible dealings with people and theenvironment.


    The Restricted Substances List defines threshold values for all harmful substances which apply to all suppliers of third-party brands and private labels.


    Regular monitoring of product safety onsite in the country production and after the arrival of the goods in our fulfillment centers in Germany.


    Current assessment of suppliers according to a defined criteria , and termination of collaboration in the event of poor results.


    Regular training for employees who come into contact with our products in order to make them aware of critical aspects.


    Close contact with suppliers as a basis for relationships based on trust.


    Zalando currently has a comprehensive portfolio of more than 400,000 articles covering more than 2,000 brands.

Code of Conduct

The basis for cooperation with all our business partners – whether suppliers for our own products or brand partners – is the Zalando Code of Conduct, which applies uniformly to all involved in the supply chain. The Code of Conduct defines the values of our company. It stands for behaving responsibly towards other people and the environment and formulates clear principles and requirements for all our business partners.

The Code of Conduct is based on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the conventions of international labor organizations. It also rules out any form of forced labor, child labor or discrimination. The Code of Conduct obliges our business partners to adhere to legal working hours and minimum wages and to respect freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining.

Restricted Substances List

To protect customers, production employees and the environment, Zalando sets clear guidelines on the permissibility of certain substances. The “Restricted Substances List” (RSL) defines limit values, which apply to harmful materials and must not be exceeded. The list applies to all products and the materials required and is compulsory both for the suppliers of our own labels and for our brand partners.

The RSL is part of our General Instructions, which every supplier is required to sign when entering a business relationship with us. The General Instructions were devised in 2011 together with TÜV Süd and TÜV Rheinland. Since then, they have been continuously updated and adapted to current developments. This means that the limit values set in the General Instructions not only meet the legal requirements, but in parts they are also more comprehensive and stricter than required by law. For leather products, for example, we pay special attention to ensure that we do not exceed the limit values of chromium (VI). At the beginning of 2017, the RSL was revised, updated and sent to our suppliers.

Employee Training

An important guarantee for the safety of our products is the observational skills of our employees recognizing anomalies. Our designers and buyers are given extensive training and kept up to date with the critical characteristics of individual product categories. This applies to both third-party brands and our private labels. We also regularly inform employees working in logistics, and in text and image production for our shop, of the product characteristics that could pose a safety risk. Items that do stand out are removed from the line immediately and tested by an independent institute.

Zalando SE CR do.Know Mitarbeiterschulung
Regular product safety training raises awareness among our employees.

Factory and Product Inspections

We strictly control the production of our private labels. We form our own impression of our partners in the production countries and perform on-site inspections. If the goods are sent to our fulfillment centers in Germany, they are submitted to a series of tests by independent test institutes. A large proportion of these tests are performed by TÜV Rheinland and TÜV Süd. The higher the estimated risk value of a product is, the more extensive are the tests and therefore the higher the number of random samples is. The risk value is composed of the following factors: country of origin, type and frequency of factory inspections, previous test results and price level.

For us, safety always has the highest priority. If we come across any items that pose a potential danger, we remove them from the shop and perform further tests. These items will only be put back on sale once it is clear that they do not pose a danger to customers or employees and if the marketability of the products in question is guaranteed.

Supplier Evaluation and Monitoring

We regularly evaluate our suppliers according to defined criteria. The poorer a supplier performs in the quality evaluation of its products, the more intensive our inspections will become. We work strictly – as soon as we have reasonable suspicion that a supplier is not meeting our due diligence requirements, we end the partnership. We also operate a monitoring system, which we can use to quickly identify potential dangers. This includes complaints from customers, the weekly comparison to the EU RAPEX list for dangerous consumer products, current media reports and regular inspections of our product range for possible safety risks, such as the length of cords on children's clothing.

Zalando SE CR do.Know Produktpalette
Zalando is committed to high quality and product safety standards.


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