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Corporate Governance

Over the years, Zalando has rapidly evolved from an ambitious young startup into one of Berlin’s major employers. Courage, determination and the pursuit of excellence have been important factors driving our company’s successful development. Today, we operate in 15 European countries and place great value on good corporate governance. Corporate governance – embodied by Zalando SE – is defined as responsible corporate management and supervision in support of our company’s long-term success.

Zalando is committed to high ethical standards, as laid down in our Code of Ethics and our Code of Conduct for business partners. Zalando has a Compliance Management System in place to promote compliance throughout the Zalando group, to prevent non-compliance and to respond to detected or reported non-compliance cases, if any.

  • Management body

    Makes decisions about fundamental business policy and strategy as well as annual and long-term planning.

    Prepares financial statements.

  • Supervisory body

    Reviews and approves financial statements.

    9 members (6 shareholders, 3 employee representatives)

    3 permanent committees (Nominating Committee, Compensation Committee, Audit Committee)

  • Basis Body

    Each share carries one vote. Decides upon e.g. the appropriation of net income, the ratification of the acts of the Management Board and Supervisory Board, and the appointment of the independent auditors.