Zalando Code of Ethics

Outlining the standards to which we as a company adhere.


What is this code about?

The Zalando Code of Ethics outlines the standards to which we as a company adhere. Based on fundamental values of honesty, respect, trust, and fairness, the code sets clear expectations for the professional, ethical, and responsible behavior of all employees.

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We believe it is only by committing to be our best that we can build the great products our customers need, hire the great people our teams need, and reimagine fashion in a way that is truly for the good of all. Every one of us contributes to this purpose through everyday words and actions. Ultimately, it is these moments that make us who we are and who we can be in the future. The Code of Ethics does not tell us exactly what to do in every one of these situations but it does provide guiding principles. We ask you to act by the code and use good judgement.

To whom does this code apply?

The Zalando Code of Ethics applies to all of us. From new joiners to founders, everyone at Zalando is expected to know and follow the standards outlined
in this document, and to remind others of it when appropriate. This includes all companies of the Zalando Group. Be aware that failure to apply this
code can result in disciplinary action, and may even result in a termination of employment, irrespective of grades or roles. Please note that leaders have a special responsibility for shaping our culture and upholding our standards. We expect our leaders to be role models and take responsibility for their teams to behave according to this code. And when concerns are being raised, we expect leaders to listen carefully, take every concern seriously, protect confidentiality, and take action.

What if I have a question or concern?

If you experience inappropriate behavior, feel discriminated against or harassed, don’t assume that others already know. If you have a question, wish to discuss a sensitive situation, or observe behavior that is not in line with our Code of Ethics, please speak up. In some cases, the best approach might be to directly approach the involved colleague(s). In others, you might speak to your lead or ask a P&O business partner for advice. If you have experienced or witnessed direct or indirect discrimination, (sexual) harassment or bullying, the Equality Team is there for you via a protected system through

For all compliance or ethical matters, you can turn to the Compliance & Business Ethics Team personally, via zSolve, or via If you wish to remain anonymous, you may also use the Whistleblowing tool.

We prohibit retaliation against any colleague who reports an incident in good faith or participates in an investigation of a possible violation of the law or our Code of Ethics. If you believe you have been retaliated against, please reach out to your lead or to the Compliance team. Every report is taken seriously, investigated promptly, and action will be taken where necessary.

Together We Win

We are a team and we can only win if we work together. Like any successful team, we care about each other, we always treat each other with dignity and respect, and we keep our shared goals in mind.

We value our diversity and we are committed to a healthy, supportive and inclusive work environment where we all have the opportunity to reach our fullest potential, feel valued, and be our authentic selves. We are all custodians of Zalando’s culture and reputation. We have high expectations towards each other and our partners and we do hold each other accountable. Integrity and trust are the fundamental cornerstones of all our interactions. Upon these foundations we build long-term, sustainable relationships with our colleagues and with our business partners and other third parties:

We Focus on What Matters

Each of us is part of Zalando’s success story and contributes to solving the most exciting problems in the fashion industry and to shaping our customer’s experiences.

And we do so with expertise, passion, commitment, speed and a healthy level of risk-taking, in close collaboration with colleagues and partners. The
principles below provide guidance to navigate in this agile environment:

We Act Like Owners

Entrepreneurship is at the heart of Zalando’s culture: we empower our employees, enable them and provide an environment in which we can contribute to our joint successes. We expect all Zalandos to follow the principles below:

We Follow the Law

We uphold the highest standard of integrity, which also includes complying with all applicable legal requirements.

It is your responsibility to be informed, and while it is not possible for anyone to know every applicable law by heart, we expect you to take advantage of
our Compliance training to understand the red lines, and to reach out to your lead or the Legal function directly in case of doubt. Violations of the law can lead to considerable fines, civil law claims, reputational damage, administrative or penal prosecution, or other severe disadvantages (e.g. loss of permits) for Zalando or you personally. We do not tolerate violations and will take appropriate actions. This is not limited to the areas of law described below, but we expect you to be especially diligent in these areas also to avoid unintentional breaches:


As Zalandos, our individual actions and words collectively shape our culture and our future. We are all custodians of Zalando’s integrity and success and are therefore accountable for our individual behavior. Everyday each of us is faced with new scenarios and new questions and it is impossible to anticipate them all. That is why we rely on principles to guide our actions - our Founding Mindset and this Code of Ethics (in specific sensitive areas, we have issued related policies for more guidance). These principles help us apply the right judgement to the situations we face now and in the future.

If you find yourself in a situation where you are in doubt about your own behavior, a simple test may help you make the right decision: Ask yourself:
“How comfortable would I feel if I read about my behavior in the press or explained it to somebody else - for example, my partner or my colleagues at
the next All Hands meeting?”



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