Zalando Fulfillment Solutions’ portfolio grows with another complimentary solution enabling a connection to Zalando Offprice

Empowering partners to optimize their Zalando Fulfillment Solutions inventory

Since the launch of Zalando’s Partner Program, brands are able to integrate their stock directly into the Zalando Fashion Store, retaining control over assortment, prices, and brand representation. Zalando Fulfillment Solutions (ZFS) drives Partner Program success by giving brands access to Europe’s most efficient fashion fulfillment network. We take over the entire customer-facing fulfillment chain by storing your stock and offering warehousing, customer fulfillment, and return solutions. Partners retain ownership of stock, however, the stock is stored in Zalando warehouses, meaning one box per customer order, lower logistics costs, and reduced carbon emissions. 

Introducing ZFS Liquidation: Managing end-of-season, excess, or slow-selling stock in ZFS instead of simply returning unsold articles to partners

Currently, the ZFS model follows a process whereby unsold articles are eventually returned to partners once the season has changed. In order to optimize this service for partners, Zalando has implemented ZFS Liquidation, a one-stop, risk-leveraging solution, at the beginning of 2020.

What is ZFS Liquidation?

This solution enables ZFS partners to monetize end-of-season, excess, or slow-selling articles by selling to Zalando Offprice directly - in other words, Zalando Offprice can buy partners’ ZFS stock through a wholesale transaction.


In that sense, ZFS Liquidation transforms a critical problem into a profitable business opportunity for the ZFS partner at the same time: decreasing ZFS inventory risk by generating additional sales.

How ZFS Liquidation works

Instead of returning the stock to the partner, if identified as end-of-season, excess, or slow-selling articles, ZFS Liquidation solution technically enables a transfer of ownership of an article from the partner to Zalando Offprice without the need for any physical transportation. The liquidated article simply remains in our warehouses and can be sent by Zalando Offprice to the customer when ordered. This solution not only makes things super simple, but it also reduces the carbon footprint of returning or unnecessarily re-locating articles

Benefits for partners

  1. Monetize excess stock via a 360° full-scale solution

  2. Reduce the carbon footprint of articles

  3. Reduce risk as well as financial, operational and time invest to zero

How you can join

Existing ZFS partners who are interested in this service should please reach out to our Offprice team directly to learn more.


For existing Zalando partners not yet leveraging ZFS, reach out to your dedicated contact at Zalando to get more information about partnering with Zalando Offprice via ZFS in the mid- to long-term. 

Not working with Zalando yet? Get more information on the Partner Program here and share your contact details with us here.

What is Zalando Offprice?

Zalando Offprice helps partners to clear overstock in the most efficient way and at the same time offers an additional growth engine by giving access to more discount-oriented customer segments than partners will find in the Zalando Fashion Store. Offprice consists of Zalando Lounge, an exclusive members-only shopping club for fashion, beauty lifestyle products, Zalando Outlets and Overstock Management.


For more information, rewatch this webinar on Overstock Management, where the Zalando Offprice leadership explained how the Offprice business model works, what kind of customers particularly shop Offprice, and why Offprice should be an integral part of your digital strategy.

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