Recap Stronger Together Webinar #3 – "Marketing in times of Coronavirus"

Following our previous sessions around opportunities in the digital fashion space and overstock management in the current situation, we wrapped up our Stronger Together Webinar Series with a discussion around how to activate and delight customers during this time.

Franziska Bruder, Director Category Speciality, sat down with Barbara Daliri, SVP Marketing & Sales and Diana Berte, VP Sales & Marketing, Zalando Marketing Services (ZMS) to talk about what we've learned from our own campaigns as well as our work with our ZMS partners.

In case you missed it, you can watch a recording of the session below or continue to scroll down for a summary of our key learnings.

Lessons learned and observations made

Explore the endless opportunities digital provides
Digital channels and technologies open the door for an infinite number of possibilities, from producing an entire campaign remotely as with our #TogetherIamStrong initiative to innovating and adapting like G-Star has done with their #StayAtHomeCatwalk fashion show to promote their new collection. Don't be afraid to throw out the playbook.   Call-out: G-Star worked with ZMS to adapt their campaign for their latest collection and opted to host a catwalk show straight from the living rooms of their models and influencers.
Be compassionate, specific, and positive. But (most importantly) be you
Just as businesses are facing uncertainty, and are adjusting to this "new normal", so are our customers. Customer sentiment and behavior are changing rapidly, and this situation requires a new approach to marketing. Brands have to show customers that they are there for them. Here authenticity plays a key role. Stick to your brand's values and adapt to your customers' needs in your own way.  

Callout: Activating customers doesn't have to mean bringing mega influencers onboard - our #styledayfriday social media campaign started with our employees, and now has become a movement. Moreover,  #Styledayfriday has helped us to highlight categories which are maybe not at the top of customers’ minds right now (e.g. occasionwear). So be you also means find creative ways to let your assortment come alive!

Listen to the data!
It's no secret that reviewing customer data is important but in the current situation understanding the changes in customer behavior has become even more key for success.  We saw three major changes when the crisis began Consumer sentiment has dropped Reduced appetite to spend offline and online  Consumers spend more time online, especially on social media channels

For our #TogetherIamStrong campaign we took these insights and enriched them with 2 key things we saw on Zalando and across social media  (1) a high demand for sportswear (2) the increasing relevance of doing sports coupled with a rising sentiment of loneliness. Our Marketing team then used these insights as a creative springboard to delight customers with an uplifting campaign that aimed to bring users together in their loneliness using fitness.

What worked yesterday may not work tomorrow
Or even today, so mix it up! The golden rule of being where the customer is, is more important than ever. Think beyond out-of-home. The trend towards online and social media has been accelerated by the crisis, and engaging on various channels requires various approaches. Look at which platforms and apps your customers are on and how they are choosing to spend their time online, then choose engaging messages and formats that fit the respective channels.
Dare to test and learn – we're here to help!
As customers are looking for brands that spark joy and grab their attention, now is a great time to be creative and experiment with bold new ideas. We’re happy to help. ZMS offers you opportunities to build on Zalando data to test your ideas and connect with our 32 million active customers.

Our ZMS partner consultancy team is ready to help you bring your marketing to the next level.

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