Interview: Leiser Shoe Company 

Leiser speaks about the importance of linking offline and online sales channels with Zalando Connected Retail.

The future of retail is changing. With customers increasingly preferring to shop online rather than in-store, stationery retailers everywhere are having to rethink the way they sell products. At Zalando, we partner with brick-and-mortar stores in cities and communities all around Europe via our Connected Retail business model, to help retailers bring their products to millions of online customers while remaining independent and in control of their brand and stock. 


Anika Schuh, one of Germany’s oldest and most widely-known shoe retailers, has over 40 stores already profiting from their partnership with Connected Retail. We had the opportunity to interview one of their connected stores, Leiser, about their experience selling in-store products online through Zalando’s Connected Retail platform. 

Why did you choose to partner with Zalando Connected Retail? 

We hope that this cooperation will give us access to an expanded customer base and we expect this program to increase and expand our online activities.


How do you feel that retail is changing and how do you plan to continue adapting to these changes?

Everyone should be aware by now that retail is going through some difficult times. Due to the Corona crises, this situation is worsening at a rapid pace. For the future, it is important to link all stationary and online activities. 


How has partnering with Connected Retail benefited your store?

By working together, we have significantly increased sales. We even hope to expand our partnership in the future by pairing more Anika Schuh stores with Connected Retail. 


Did you have any concerns or worries about connecting with the Zalando platform before signing-up? If so, what were they and how did they turn out in the end? 

The name “Zalando” is associated with a certain size. Most of our concerns were about independence from Zalando. There is neither a price dictatorship nor the pressure to submit to structures. The cooperation takes place at eye level. We are able to maintain independence and control over our store, products and brand because it is up to us to decide how many items we sell and how much we sell them for. 


What is the best part about collaborating with Zalando Connected Retail? And why would you recommend it to other retailers? 

We can highly recommend Zalando Connected Retail. The partnership provides us with quick access to a huge customer base and rapid growth opportunity. It’s also easy to set up, with low requirements for technical implementation. 



Leiser, along with 2,350 other brick-and-mortar stores across Germany and the Netherlands, continues to generate revenue through integrating with Connected Retail. Connected Retail allows partner stores to seamlessly offer products to millions of online consumers with a zero-commission, low-risk contract and weekly payouts in their first quarter. Connected Retail wants to be part of the solution to the problem that retailers are currently facing and pushes the future of fashion forward — for retailers, for consumers, for everyone.