How to scale your business during a crisis with Zalando Fulfillment Solutions

Looking back on 2020, one thing is clear: Coronavirus has accelerated a huge shift in consumer behaviour from offline to online at a scale and speed that nobody could have anticipated.

This shift has brought about both challenges and opportunities. There is much to be gained in the digital fashion space, but with such rapid change happening in the industry, logistical weaknesses are quickly exposed. With strong, collaborative partnerships more important than ever, Zalando Fulfillment Solutions has the logistical capacities to support brands and retailers in building an optimal e-commerce fulfillment system across Europe. 

How brands have been leveraging Zalando Fulfillment Solutions during the pandemic

During the first wave of lockdowns at the beginning of 2020, many brands and retailers experienced a large increase in the number of online orders they were receiving. This, combined with reduced capacities and in some cases shutdowns of entire distribution centres, put a large operational burden on their supply chains. In addition, many of our partners needed to find quick ways to redistribute inventory to online channels to compensate for lower offline sales. 


With Zalando Fulfillment Solutions we have been able to support our partners by offering them a cost effective way of distributing products across Europe. In April we shipped double the amount of items as in February and the number of partners leveraging Zalando Fulfillment Solutions has doubled since the beginning of the year.


Partners who used Zalando Fulfillment Solutions during the first wave of Coronavirus managed to scale their e-com business and flexibly relocate inventories, while expanding their customer base with limited effort. Zalando Fulfillment Solutions reduces fulfillment costs for partners, while providing a reliable fulfillment network, as well as easy internationalization.


Curious about how? Our partner WE Fashion was able to grow their business and drive success during the peak of the Coronavirus pandemic in Europe with the help of Zalando Fulfillment Solutions, check out the video:



We have been able, with Zalando, to grow extremely fast."

Johan Lont, Online Business Development Manager, WE Fashion


If you want to find out how our partners from Bestseller, DK Company, Indiska, Urban Classics, and DeFacto leveraged Zalando Fulfillment Solutions during the pandemic, check out this video:


ZFS is a great way to open new markets, (...) recently we just added Switzerland with great success."

Camilla Hvid, Key Account Coordinator, DK Company

How to drive success in 2021 with Zalando Fulfillment Solutions

Looking ahead to 2021, the ramp up in digital acceleration is only getting started, meaning strong growth for fashion e-commerce. There’s never been a better time for brands to make the most of the shift to online and gain market share in Europe. Here are our top predictions for 2021:


  • Internationalization – the most successful partners will be those with internationally diversified businesses across Europe. Zalando Logistics Solutions including Zalando Fulfillment Solutions (ZFS) and our Shipping Solutions (ZSS) provides our partners access to 16 markets in Europe. 
  • Greater logistical capacity – by moving Partner Program e-com fulfilment operations to Zalando Fulfillment Solutions, partners can free up much needed capacity in their own warehouse to be used for their own e-com. 
  • Flexible logistics setup – Zalando operates a network of 11 outbound warehouses across Europe. That, in turn, provides our partners with a resilient fulfilment backbone, protecting their Zalando Partner Program business from any unforeseen operational challenges.


If you want to find out how to future-proof your logistics set-up, and with that your digital business, with Zalando Fulfillment Solutions, check out the video below:


We can free up much needed capacity in our partners' own warehouses."

Marco Scheufel, Head of Commercial, Zalando Fulfillment Solutions



Does this sound interesting to you? If you want to find out how Zalando Fulfillment Solutions can enable you to grow profitably on Partner Program by leveraging Europe’s largest e-com fashion fulfillment network, watch our video guide and get in touch with our Zalando Fulfillment Solutions team via