Our wholesale partnership model enables you to leverage a powerful sales channel for your products on Zalando while we take care of all your operations and inventory.

How it works

Every step of our operational partnership is handled by Zalando:


  • We take over order and payment processing, customer service, logistics

  • With our Retail Center and CoPlanner tools, we enable you to develop your strategy based on data-driven insights into our customers' online shopping behavior

  • To get the most out of our Wholesale partnership on Zalando our platform services, such as Zalando Marketing Services (ZMS) and Zalando Lounge, are additional key elements which you can leverage to tap into the full potential of our joint business

Benefits for partners

  • Benefit from the expertise of our buyers, who develop collections together with brands, and update assortments on a daily basis

  • Gain data-driven insights into your customers’ online shopping behavior

  • We take care of all operations

  • Inventory risk is on us

Key figures

markets in Europe
> 4000
brands available

Add-on services

Within wholesale, partners can leverage our add-on services in marketing and offprice

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