Offprice Services - Zalando Lounge

Zalando Lounge is an exclusive members-only shopping club for fashion, beauty lifestyle products. We work with you to manage and unload your excess inventory while maintaining your brand image. 

Zalando SE Brand Hub Zalando Lounge

How it works

  • Lounge runs 12-15 time-limited sales campaigns per day, promoting a select number of products and encouraging impulse purchases. We offer you 19-day block campaigns with an online duration of one to five days. All in all, we can produce and have campaigns online within less than 20 days

  • For in-house productions, we can shoot – on average – 6 model campaigns, 6 products campaigns and 2 kids articles, with professional photographers, stylists, and make-up artists.

Zalando SE Brand Hub Zalando Lounge

Benefits for partners

  • Acquire new customers

  • Minimize excess inventory 

  • Minimize the number of red-price items on your regular sales channels

  • Jointly plan campaigns, their sensitive communication and timings with us

  • Ensure a maximum of 4 days of brand visibility per campaign and no visibility of your prices after the sale ends

Key figures

markets in Europe 
time-limited sales campaigns per day

Zalando Lounge campaign placements

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