The Only Limit? Your Imagination!


Have you heard about the Zalando Scholarship yet? It’s a project aiming to engage university and college students to reflect over e-commerce and fashion topics and through that giving them the possibility to receive money towards their education.

At Zalando, we continuously strive to keep our level of innovation and flexibility, trying out new pilots and encourage re-thinking is a part of our DNA. We strongly believe that the best and most powerful ideas come when individuals are given the freedom to create something entirely new and let their ideas run wild. 

To strengthen our relationship and exchange with students, have we established the Zalando Scholarship. The aim is to highlight and reward creative ideas that drive the discussion about e-commerce and platforms forward. We want to highlight e-commerce as a subject for the academy and encourage today's students to think about and learn about e-commerce.

So which countries are running the Zalando scholarship and how does it work? Check out our local pages for more information on how to apply for the scholarship: 

  • France (application period ended, stay tuned for the announcement of the next application round)
  • Belgium (or here – application period ends 30th of June)
  • Netherlands (application period ends 30th of June)  
  • Sweden (application period ends 31st of July)
  • Finland (application period ends 1st of September)
  • Denmark (application period ends 1st of October)