Best of Both Worlds: How Our Dutch Customers Happen to Get It All

Some might argue that beach vacations are the best. You get to enjoy a nice swim, go on some long walks and enjoy the freshest seafood there is. Then again, others rather prefer to go on a hiking vacation. Rise early, climb that mountain and enjoy the view. But why does it have to be either or? Can’t we have both?

When it comes to vacations, there are probably few places that offer the advantages and particularities of a beach and mountains experience. But luckily, when it comes to online shopping we have recently combined two of our most popular services into one combined offer: Our Dutch customers not only get individual shopping advice by their personal stylist, they can now also make use of a very convenient service, when returning the less-preferred outfit.

So what does this mean exactly? In October 2016 we kicked off the return service ‘Zalando haalt op’ in the Netherlands. Customers can schedule a time and place for their return to be picked up - so no more hassle at a drop off location or running to the post office on a Saturday morning. A few weeks later we introduced Zalon - the personal styling service for men and women. No more anxieties on what to wear to that wedding or how to style Chelsea boots. Both offerings were very well received by our Dutch customers and have become very dear to them. 

But if both services were received so well, shouldn’t we bring them together? Dieter, Country Manager Zalon Netherlands, and Ken, Country Manager Zalando Netherlands, have joined forces to make this match made in heaven a reality: “Our customers embrace offerings such as the return services ‘Zalando haalt op’. We have the infrastructure in place, so why should we not integrate it into other businesses under the ‘Zalando roof’?”, said Ken from Zalando. Dieter from Zalon could not agree more: “Zalon operates independently, which gives us a high degree of autonomy and allows us to move fast. At the same time we profit from the solid infrastructure that Zalando has built up”.